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You CAN’T count flu-related deaths?

NHBPM Day 26: “Make a chart / meme / poster and write about it.

Oh, Dude.


I’m so angry, I’m shaking.

I……watched the news.

I seriously, SERIOUSLY need to stop watching the news.

BUT.  If I hadn’t, I couldn’t tell you about how angry I am.

And I am, indeed, angry.

This post is not (and by “not”, I mean don’t even fookin’ go there) about whether or not people should get the flu shot.

This post is about how angry I am.




Feeling all icky-might-need-a-shower.

Here is the news I watched, and it’s correlated article, care of Kelly Crowe of the

What is making me angry.

This post is about how I came to believe that the medical professionals I see on the OTHER news articles were telling the truth.  The wholehearted truth.

When I’m given a statistic, I am not an idiot.  I understand that it is a mathematical statement and usually comes with one of those +/- range thingies.

But, when I learn that the health professionals are pimp-pushing the “necessity” for something based on:

“The “2,000 to 8,000″ numbers are based on computer models — a statistical guess that comes out of the end of a mathematical formula that makes a range of assumptions about death and flu.”

…and then to find out it’s……just…..not……..correct.

Omfg, my inner-Sheldon-Cooper has a coronary.

Anyone remember the holycraponacracker H1N1 flu?  Get this:

“The final count: 428 deaths, which is much closer to the seasonal average of around 300 recorded in the vital statistics tables than to the 2,000 to 8,000 deaths estimated for the average flu season by the computer models.”

I have troubles even accrediting the “…seasonal average of around 300 recorded in the vital statistics tables…” because of the very nature of the inclusions made by the coroner’s reports themselves…things like heart and lung disease…pneumonia…poison

Give it a read.  Google.  Educate yourself.

If you do decide to take any preventative measures regarding the flu shot, please do so by your own personal needs/wants.

This post is not meant to confirm/deny the safety of the flu shot, either.

This post is about how angry I am at a blatant disregard for truth and the joyride that comes with leading the flock to the bandwagon.

Angry Brynn needs to bring awareness.

This post was written for Wego Health’s National Blog Post Month, 2012.



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