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WomanWithGoalAchievement say, “What?”


<—–This is my friend Drew’s cat, Silk.  You may recognize his badassery.

Silk inspires me to remember that sometimes it’s not all about saving the bloody world…that sometimes…just sometimes…being badass means doing absolutely nothing at all…

Okay, so I’m typing with forearms aching, wrists burning, fingers stiff like….uh…a…tree.   Still.  GO, GO, Badass Kitty!!


The last week in the made-for-tv-movie version of my life saw scenes of doctors, hospitals, thread and pattern tissue.

No shit.  True story.

March 1st certainly came in like a lion…starting with a checkup for the gingerBrynns.  Y’know…you figure the usual… height/ weight/ eyes/ ears/ nose/ throat …tap on the tummy…stick needles in their arms* and off we go…one stop medical shop.

*did I mention there’s three of them? All due for vaccinations? Two each? Six shots in total?  Fan-freakin’-tastic.


This is MY life.

Daughter needs glasses?  Uh, okay then…(Can I remember to call the optometrist today?).

Twin #1 has pneumonia…needs xrays to determine severity.

(WomanFeelsLikeHitWithTruck says, “What?”)


Twin #2.  He’s be coughing for several weeks now…I thought it was getting better…kinda wasn’t.  Was looking forward to this appointment.



So, that’s been the medical drama segment of the movie.  Not even my own.  Weird!

The comic additions pertain to the novel idea of mine to teach myself how to sew.

I’m sorry…let me elaborate: To teach myself to sew the entire wardrobe of my five children for our hanfasting (wedding) ceremony in May.

‘Cuz I’m badass like that.


So, I’ve had scissors snipping, pinking…uh…pinking, thread flying, tissue patterns timidly pinned to freshly washed and ironed fabric.

Annnnnnnnnnd sewing the right edge of one sleeve to the back panel of the tunic, and the left edge of the other sleeve to the front panel of the tunic…standing there, incredulous, asking aloud…to no one in particular…”How in the hell does that even HAPPEN!?!

I managed to fix it.  Later.  When the cussing and the inner rage over all that is garment creating subsided…

So, now  I have two little tunics and one “Mini-Mommy” dress for my daughter.

GO, GO Spazzy Hands!! (o.O)

And you know what?  I’m freaking proud of it.  And I love that my friends share their joy with me…just…joy.

It’s also been exciting because yesterday there were the first three reply cards in the mail!


The reality is making my anxiety hurl chest-pains my way, but I’ll manage…unless…of course…

Now?  Now I’m sick. 🙁

Run down.  Burnt out.  (I might have been in err when describing my “nothing planned” solo Friday night…I ended up embossing all of the Thank You cards and cutting the paper for the seating chart.  Ya, might’ve done that, too.)

Today?  I’ve got a stack-o-mags…a bottle full of Arizona Iced Tea…a sleeping kitty beside me and my fuzzy slippers on.

Resisting the chaos of my reality, one precious minute at a time…

(photo used with permission)


    • Brynn

      Will you promise to read me, “Go the F*ck to Sleep?” ?!? 😉 I am about to rest my weary eyes very shortly, before bus run for the kidlets xo

    • Brynn Clark (@SpoonieVille)

      Thank you so much!! My daughter is so excited…I actually have to close up the front of it as it hangs a little low on her shoulders, but otherwise, the bodice part fits soooooo smoothly! 🙂

      I did enjoy my day of rest (okay, so I cleaned out a pantry…but rested otherwise!!) LOL

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