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Why my catch-phrases scare the shit outta me…

People are listening...and it frightens me...
People are listening…and it frightens me…

I can admit that during the course of my advocacy for Lupus these past three years, and for the plethora of secondary conditions that get all jealous and wanna come out to play with the Big Bad Wolf…I have endeavored to be recognized by my writing style and for the catch-phrases and ideas that I’ve come up with.


Case in point: “made-for-tv-movie-kind’o’life”

Case in point: “#gladitude”

Case in point: “Colour!!”

Case in point: “Own your shit.”

And you know what’s happened?

They’ve worked. All of them. Even the [enter _____, stage left] in my postings…the way that I write…the “I’ve earned this ass” phrasing…I’m sure as shit certain that my regular readers can attest to SOMEthing they’ve recognized someone else saying and thought, “Hey!! That’s what SHE said!”

And I’m mutha’ freakin’ thrilled.

And I’m mutha’ freakin’ scared shitless.


Well, I’ll let you in a not-so-little secret. I don’t often (read: ever) share the extent to which I am afflicted. Alluded to, of course, just so you can’t postmortem kick my ass for not having made you kinda-sorta aware…

…and I’m really, really scared of having catch-phrases that will be used to heighten the awesomeness of my life…………………………… after I’m gone.

Case in point: Rhian’s casket. Sharpie-drawn phrases of people’s remembrances of her beautiful existence. I know this because I also wrote one. Continued reference to her inspirational “Live fast, die pretty…” as she kept kicking Lupus in the nut sack year after year…to “keep on keepin’ on”…

I kind of relate the thought process to the proverbial, “Hey, if I forget my umbrella, it rains…so I’ll bring my umbrella and that, like, totally guarantees that it WON’T rain!”

People who have catch-phrases get them written on EVERYthing after they’re gone…and it’s usually pretty epic shit.

These are the goings on of my sometimes stressed out brain thought process when dealing with The Asshat of Autoimmunity on a daily basis.

“Bitch be bat-shit crazy.”

“Do the best that you can with what you’ve been given…but for the love of all things…DO.”

Just a few more…

Y’know…just in case. 😉


  1. Jason Robichaud

    <3<3<3<3<3 NOw and in the future you will be remembered. You are such a big part of our lives and your catch phrases help so many people understand and get through our own lives. Own your shit and colour! have been such an uplifting advice for this depressive year on our family. Thank you

    • Brynn

      I’m so thankful that you chose to share that!! <3 It helps *me* on my own difficult days to "keep on keepin' on", y'know? I share a LOT...what I share, knowing it helps someone in some capacity, gives me my own inspiration to keep going xox

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