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When your eyebrows melt off…

…you might be doing some self care.

When your friend didn’t kill you…on purpose…

…you might be doing some self care.

Self Care: “Self care refers to actions and attitudes which contribute to the maintenance of well-being and personal health and promote human development.” ~ Wikipedia entry

If it’s cool enough to be on Wikipedia…it’s cool enough to be doing.

I’ve been getting into a bit of a routine of self care these past few weeks.

I’ve been once-a-week-meeting with a very specific group of women who’ve become my voices-of-reason, bat-shit crazy therapists and empowerment enablers.

I recognize that I need this. It is safe, it is validating…and it sure as shit is empowering to be supported in areas not generally afforded my way in the chaos of my reality.

I’ve also attended…(get ready for this…)…hot yoga.

I’m comfy with weight training…regular yoga (12 years in gymnastics…true story)…sports all of my life…

But hot yoga? What if I pass out? What if I have a sugar crash?

More importantly…what if my I’ve-earned-this-ass face plants from passing the f\m/k out?!?!?!

So I went. WITH. A. FRIEND.

Anxiety can kiss my left cheek.

Know what? I went again…tonight.

Know what else? I f\m/king love it.

Thing about self care?

It’s like physiotherapy…you actually have to do it.

*shifty eyes*

I’m really, really having some difficulties, though: I can’t don’t always commit to myself.

I’ve even tried to “schedule” the time.

So far, I’m doing the best with the coffee dates and yoga dates with friends. Because? There’s accountability. It’s a start. 🙂

I suppose as well, I need to actually “schedule” my online/social media time. It sucks brain capacity the equivalent of a Buick, I’m certain. This, in turn, will allow me to focus on things on my “wishlist” board…a list of activities I want to do when I find my “necessity” activities done.

Scrapbooking. Reading. Writing. Piano. Just to name a few.

I keep this list on a pegboard in my dining room, where I can always see it. That’s awesomesauce, but I don’t often DO. THEM.

Work in progress.

So, back to hot yoga…because I did it, my eyebrows melted right off my head and I didn’t die pass out. Thanks, Angela. You’re the bees knees for this amazing new addiction!! xoxo

Bestest part eva’?!?!?

I rocked “Crow” for NINE seconds.

Didn't face-plant, either. Take that, Lupus! \m/

Didn’t face-plant, either. Take that, Lupus! \m/



Go, Go SpazzyHands!! \m/

What kinds of things do you do just for “You.”?? Is it easy to find the time?


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  1. Shane

    It’s not often I comment but what I’m doing for “ME” is doing some Music care starting this week 🙂 Thanks to the push from my wonderful wife 🙂

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