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When Q-Tips turn purple…

…you know you will remember Sunday, September 15th.

A day where I proved to myself that I, most assuredly, CAN.

It was a day that almost didn’t happen. I was betrayed by my musculature that, in a small space occupying underneath my right scapula, decided to be an asshat and seize so badly, I’d considered having my husband take me into the ER…I simply couldn’t move my upper body.

It was the day of Color Me Rad.

I’d missed going to a very special festival to attend this.

I’d signed up for it not even knowing if my husband would even “get it.”

It was “Colour!!” on steroids and I needed to do this: For “Me.”

Not for Lupus. Not for recognition of fundraising. Not for you or for “You.”

Not for family. Not for friends. Not for any good gawddamn person/place/thing but MOI. “Me.”

This bad boy was strictly my own. It was stepping outside of a comfort zone by such extent that when given an honest-to-goodness excuse reason to *NOT* have to go…being in such awful, debilitating pain…

I went anyway.

I did it anyway.

I got over it anyway.

I lived anyway.

I made a memory anyway.

And I verily believe that not only did I impress myself…I mutha’ fuckin’ OWNED the pride that went along with it.

I don’t do ANYthing 5K. EVER. No, I did not run. But I walked that bad boy with my husband by my side with such pace that I did, indeed, impress myself.

We crossed the finish line holding hands.

I made it corny anyway. 😉

If I can do this…overcome…no, not just overcome…

If I can do this…DO…live…experience…anyway…

Well, I can do anything at all.

I did it my way.

I did it anyway.

We *were* clean...
We *were* clean…



He not only went with me…

…he briskly walked with me!

*jazz hands*





"Colour!!" therapy...personified...
“Colour!!” therapy…personified…


I wore a tu-tu.

It was rainbow coloured.

Because I can






40 minutes later...just about to turn the bend into the finish line...
40 minutes later…just about to turn the bend into the finish line…



I can’t fully articulate the immense pride I had for myself…knowing that just ’round the bend is the finish line.

I sucked it up anyway…





Me and my husband...rockin' to the tune of "We fucking DID IT ANYWAY!" <3
Me and my husband…rockin’ to the tune of “We fucking DID IT ANYWAY!” <3



Would I do it again?

You’d best believe it anyway. 😉



The Day the Q-Tips Turned Purple: The episode where she really owned it anyway.

Word. \m/
Word. \m/

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