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When Placido Domingo yells at you…

…you might be a little stressed.

Continuing on with the theme of this year’s made-for-tv-movie episode of “Holidays from Hell”, I invite you to discuss your go-to for stress reduction during the holidays.

But first!!



You are going to be so edgy that when listening to the holiday hits on Galaxie and Placido Domingo comes on belting out his tenor rendition of “A Medley of Christmas Carols”, you actually might need to change your drawers.

You are going to host your father and stepmother in a Yuletide dinner this Friday.

You are faced with a second “snow day” due to freezing rain, exactly a week post-the OTHER “snow day” bus cancellation day. And you can’t drive your kids in to the school, because you have to care for someone ELSE’S children.

You are hosting a Christmas dinner for your mother and her husband a week from tomorrow. Full spread.

You are trying with every fibre of your being to not continually cry whilst reminiscing about that 911 call you made last night because your oldest son started issuing threats.

You are also having to skirt around your children’s questions as to why there were police cars at your house and why didn’t they have their lights on?

You are required to keep functioning and place your focus on the family that surrounds you with eager anticipation at YuleFather and Santa and presents, OH MY! while you really want to crawl into a hole and not come out.


What’s your go-to remedy in a situation such as this?

I wish I had Martha Stewart’s phone number. That is one badass chick to survive a prison stay and still want to dazzle you with baubles and cookies and I simply want to punch Placido in the junk.

My go-to at the moment, flaring, in pain – both in my joints/musculature and soul – is to believe that I have enough.

I have enough time.

I have enough friends.

I have enough love.

I have enough squidges from messy little holiday craft-makers.

I have enough coffee (and a small stash of Bailey’s in my fridge).

I can sure as shit tell you this…while you’re out enduring the hustle and bustle of the commercialism and materialistic essence of the impending holiday season, please remember The Belief Effect…


It can change with a single phone call.

I haz it.


  1. Marie

    My heart hurts for you, and wish I could be of assistance to you in *some* way.

    My spoons are currently resting with my cat and my boy today.

    Sending you virtual sneaky butterflies, and heartfelt wishes that the rest of your Yuletide finds some joy, some spoons, and a whole lotta love.

  2. Pamela

    I am so sorry that the only thing I can offer is unconditional and unfailing admiration and friendship. Please remember to love yourself and by calling 911 you are the best a mother can be. HUGS!


  3. Nadine

    My sweet friend– My heart hurts along with yours and rejoices along with yours. All you can do is exactly what you’re doing– Keep on keeping on. And turn down the volume on the music.

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