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When Karma comes calling…


Busting ass.

Working hard.

Manifesting my reality.

Owning my shit.

What’d it get me so far in 2013?

My ability to assist in not one, not two…but three very important rituals.

My second son deciding to move back home before starting high school after taking some time to live with his dad and step-mum.

My eldest son making the choice to enter a residential recovery program to assist him in overcoming his substance abuse.


Y’know when a day just simply cannot get any better…then it does the impossible and GETS better?

That was today. I’ve only had two in my life, and today sure-as-shit was one of ’em.

My eldest son graduated from his program. His hand print adorns the wall of successful clientèle with a quote he chose for people to remember him by:

“Be who you want to be, not what others expect you to be.”

His peers spoke well of him. Remarkably so. As did staff and us, as his family.

Today marks the first day in over two years that my children are all  home.

One roof.

Matriarch of COLOUR! :o)
Matriarch of COLOUR! :o)







One family.


There’s MORE!

Notwithstanding my time as a single mother of five for two years, or the fact that I’ve busted my ass and sacrificed SO much, for SO long, and with such pain and limitations that I mistakenly self-imposed…always disconnected with the simple things, like travel…

It took six years to come to today.

I think the Cosmos likes what I’ve done with myself.


Karma came calling…and she brought…

Karma. I finally haz it.
Karma. I finally haz it.


…the very first vehicle within which my entire family can travel.

First time since the twins came.







Five children. One car. First time. HOO-AH!
Five children. One car. First time. HOO-AH!








Manifest your reality.

Own your shit.

DO. 😉

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