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When brain cells want to jump…

I’ve never hidden it.

I don’t purport to be embarrassed by it.

I have four remaining brain cells .

I think.

And they’re all on strike at the same freakin’ time.

How do I know this to be true?

Let me illuminate you:

Conversation between myself & husband, yesterday:

Me: Sorry, my mom bailed and we have to find help to watch the dog when we’re camping (long weekend in May).

Him: Argh. Okay, I’ll put it out there (on FB)

….awhile later…

Him: Okay, so which weekend again? The wedding weekend (the 10th – 12th) or the camping weekend (17th – 20th)?

Me: (O.O) Sweet mother of FRAK!!! The wedding weekend?!?!? I didn’t even THINK about the wedding weekend…*proceeds to have a figurative coronary*


One of the most common frustrations for those with chronic afflictions is managing and dealing with “brain fog”…otherwise known as a cognitive impediment…usually due to the medications and/or lack of sleep. It can also be affected by chemical imbalances in the brain…by stress…there are no lack of culprits.

One cool tech-y thingy that I have found that has helped me the most is called “Cozi.”

**disclaimer alert! I do not receive anything from them, I am simply pimping out the awesomeness that has helped me to not forget my children somewhere….**

Is it free?

There is a free version, yes!!…you have access to your calendar on your own desktop and mobile device.

Is there a membership thingy?

Yes. And, I sure-as-shit have it ($4.99/month). Why? Because:

1) You only need one account per family. We share a password (my husband and I)

2) When I update something, say…on the fly at the dentist’s office, it shows up in HIS calendar, and vice-versa, immediately. No having to co-ordinate later…when I’ll forget.


Dude. I also just took something off of my plate, and put it where it belongs…the responsibility of the person to whom the event pertains.

But wait! There’s more!

My husband can…are you sitting down?…HELP ME to remember the eleventy-billion tasks I have at hand…simply by putting a little widget thingy on his phone and with just a glance…he can see exactly what’s coming up.

*jazz hands*

Why else do I like it?

Because there’s enough input for all of my family members. That would be seven, when we’re all under one roof.

Because there’s a different COLOUR you can attach to each member of the family.


I like colour.

I like colour and conformity and the “Shopping” list feature (that my hubby can add to while I’m out) and the “To-Do” list feature and the calendar at-a-glance feature and the journal feature and the (SING IT WITH ME!!!!!) meal planner feature!!!!!!!!!!!! Just to name a few.

And? It’s user-friendly.


Because I’ve neither the time nor the patience to fart around trying to get shit to work that’s more technical than a sandwich baggy.

It keeps my brain cells  (who I’ve yet to name but will take suggestions) happy and on the straight and narrow and less likely to strike and/or jump off a neuron.

True story. 😉

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