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When “Awesome” is it’s own challenge…

NHBPM Day 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Write about why you’re awesome.”

No can do, thank you.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love to get compliments, I get all *blushy* and they make me feel all warm and squishy inside…but to actually write about all those great things that make me….”Me.”….well….I cannot.

So, no matter my strengths, I chickened out and my husband wrote today’s post.  He told me I could edit it “as I see fit.”

I can’t freakin’ see…Dude…I need some tissues for the liquid leaking out from both of my ocular orbs…

Here it is:

“When my wife told me that today’s prompt was “Why you are awesome” I figured it was the perfect prompt for her and also the worst. It was a perfect prompt because I can attest, she is awesome in every way imaginable. It is the worst prompt as she does not enjoy tooting her own horn on these things. Therefore, I suggested I write up a post for her today (hoping it would not violate any rules).

There are many things that make her awesome and there is not enough time in the day for me to list them all off so I will focus on a few different things that I think make her truly awesome.

First off, dealing with several chronic illnesses and still getting up in the morning makes her very awesome. Most people would consider that just a fact of life, but knowing that every muscle in her body aches at the thought of getting out of bed to get going, she does it anyway.

She takes very good care of all the kids. There are days she feels like she isn’t doing enough but the fact remains that she is doing enough and doing what is right. No two parents will raise their kids the exact same way as no two kids are identical (I guess unless they are identical twins, but even then they have their own personalities…usually, ok, I’m going to stop contradicting myself now). There is always food to eat, there are always clothes to wear and by the Gods there are TONS of toys for them to play with J

She budgets like a financial guru. It’s an area that I have a hard time with myself so when I see someone that can figure that stuff out, that to me is awesome. If it were left to me there would be no electricity, no heat and if we had ice cubes we’d be fortunate. I’m sure of it. She has a way with numbers and she makes them work.

Not only does she manage the house of five kids plus a 40-year old kid to boot, she also has 3 furry kids. This adds to the plate but also allows us to remove things from the plate like stresses. She talked about cuddling with a dog for quite some time and we adopted a rescue dog.

She is awesome in the way that she puts up with me. I’m a “fixer”. If there is an issue, I want to fix it somehow. If her legs and feet are sore, I will rub them to make them feel better. Things like that. She is also there when I need a hug whether she knows I do or not.

She is awesome because she took on writing the NHBPM once again and once again she has finished it in 30 days. Next up is a course on herbalism. She’s not going to stop and that makes her awesome. She will never let this chronic illness (any of them) stop her from doing what she wants. She is strong, she is determined and by god, she is awesome!”

And on that note…let it be known that I have built my hopes, goals and dreams on the solid foundation of my marriage.  Any completions of “Awesome” are attributed back to the owners of the property and carry all legal right to express said awesomeness.


Another Challenge completed.


Your friendly, neighbourhood Canadian Chronic Badass.


This post was written for Wego Health’s National Health Blog Post Month, 2012.


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  1. Shane

    And the latest awesomeness of all that is my lovely wife came together in a loaf of banana bread waiting when I got home….truly awesome….

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