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What IS Lupus? You don’t look sick….

Two questions, one answer. I like this link the best because it doesn’t offend my brain cells (of which I’m currently down to three) with medical mumbo jumbo bullhog….
What do you need to take from this?
1. You can’t “see” it….I don’t have cancer, therefore you can’t see me lose my hair from chemo. I don’t have a broken limb, so you can’t see me wearing a cast. I don’t have kidney failure (edit: pre-diagnosis), so you can’t see me at the hospital for dialysis.
My body attacks itself.
2. It says, “may”….I may have intense joint pain, person #2 may not. I may have the butterfly rash, someone may have mouth ulcers.
This is why there is no “cure”. What works for one thing, won’t work for EVERYTHING.
3. SLE may be mild or severe enough to cause death.
“Life is like a box ‘o chocolates….ya never know whatcha gonna get.” Yup. Roulette, anyone?
But in today’s modern medicine (said with highest sarcasm, because anyone who knows lupus, knows how long they fought for an actual diagnosis) there are, indeed, treatments available that will allow for a fulfilling life.
4. Check out the symptoms. See anything you CAN see? Nope. Oh wait…..the butterfly rash…oh, that is a fun one, indeed….don’t believe me?? This is my very first publication EVER EVER EVER of….THIS:
Quite possibly, *the* most embarrassing photo. Ever. In. My. Life.
Quite possibly, *the* most embarrassing photo. Ever. In. My. Life.
THIS, my friends, is the “face” of lupus. This is that “butterfly rash” so wonderfully depicted in my numerous Google searches…you know, kinda like a car accident… you know you SHOULDN’T look…but can’t help yourself?
I use "Bare Escentuals, Bare Minerals" powder foundation with a natural SPF. It's like my BFF. True story.
I use “Bare Escentuals, Bare Minerals” powder foundation with a natural SPF. It’s like my BFF. True story.
Not friggin’ cool 🙁 Not at all. Did you know I’ve worn makeup to bed just in case something happened in the
middle of the night and I had to leave the house?
Bet you didn’t.
I HAVE managed to find a couple of really great makeup products to help, as pictured….my favourite is BareMinerals by Bare Escentuals…but it isn’t just a matter of makeup. It’s also a matter of finding moisturizers, cleansers, spot treatments…all frustratingly difficult for thin, hyper-reactive and sensitive skin.
That’s just the skin issues.
Imagine how difficult and what a long and arduous process it is to find medications…which, again, I also fear with great magnitude….to manage….well…everything ELSE.
Right now I’m looking into natural and holistic products to aid in my reduction of inflammation…please post your suggestions!!
**EDIT: This post was the very first post I wrote as “Lupus Interrupted.” 23 people read it. I didn’t even understand why at that time…now? Well…what on this glorious green and blue orb do people, exactly, bring from my writing?? I have *no* bloody clue. But ain’t the bat-shit crazy ride worth it?!?!? Oh, and I don’t have bangs anymore 😉


  1. jodyjogirl

    You are such a courageous woman Brynn! WTG for posting your pics. A natural product for reducing inflammation – tumeric, green tea. Acupuncture (working on the meridians) along with cupping is also great (works great for me). And… not overdooing it with exercise and physical activity, as that contributes to inflammation.

  2. Sewing and Such

    Howdy from Texas. I don't know why I always say that as my greeting because I, like most Texans, do not say Howdy.

    I found your site from your image on google when searching for lupus butterfly symbol for my facebook page. I, too, am recently diagnosed although I have had one symptom or the other for more than 10 years. And I, too, am searching for something natural to help with flare ups and maintain and hopefully regain my life.

    Thus far, I have found a whole food/raw veggie diet helps reduce joint pain and someone from Cure4Lupus on Facebook suggested Mega Red fish oil.

    Best of luck on your journey. I'll keep following you to see how it is going…ah, blogs and Facebook where stalking is not only legal, but encouraged.

    • Brynn

      *garsh*!! It’s been said that I’m some kind of SuperHero. Dunno about *that*…but I do a lot. And seem to be inspiring people along the way…I’m okay with that. 😉

  3. Shelley

    This is a brilliant post. So right on the money, and so resonant. It makes me sad, too, because lupus can be such a shit show. Right now my eyes are inflammed for some weird lupus-y reason and I look like i’ve been poked repeatedly in the eye — and I have to go to a big event tonight and no makeup will fix it. Getting ready for all the questions.

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