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Weebly-wobbly, Timey-wimey stuff…


Sweet mother of all things!

It’s time to brush the cobwebs off of the writing and get back to the things that are “Me.” After a mental wellness hiatus, after reconnecting with amazing people with FRABJOUS perspectives, after the past few months of chats with TherapyGurl and the empowerment of spirit…here I am.

Oh, I haven’t been Eeyore-ing. Hell no. I’ve been working ComicCon and priestess-ing and working and kubb-ing, OH, MY! \m/ Part of my mental wellness growth is always self-care. What I was requiring was a change in perspective of the way I see the double standard of community politics and, essentially, why I appear (because my worth and view is as valid) to be held to a very different standard to those doing the exact same things for the exact same reasons.

What I lack, often more than I’d like, is the capacity to eloquently illustrate the depth of my views in order to provide people with a truer appreciation of my thoughts, actions and deeds.

And? And, I’m fucking okay with that.

I’ve since learned that if anyone, ever, believes that they can associate their own perspectives, circumstances and life events and apply them to anyone else’s is…not my shit to own. You get a clear understanding of how much you have let someone or something affect your personal zen after you’ve been staring down a bottle of pills and wine. The kind of pain having been purposely inflicted by another’s words and actions.

That kind of shit really fucks up one’s zen. True story. Hence, the paranoia of posting anything at all, really.

Nope. Nope-ity Nopers. Oodles of tears and conversations later, I’ve re-established my inner peace with “Me.”

I’m stronger for the experience and can use it to fuel the ability to help others who struggle with the same contradictions and hypocrisies that exist anywhere in the Cosmos at any given time.

Nope. I’ve continued to “Do.”

I’ve continued to self-improve for myself, not to make anyone else comfy within the context of difficult topics or challenging perspectives. I’ve taken suggestions to heart, but how oft we find ourselves held to our faults and/or shortcomings, rather than a focus on our strengths and abilities.


Sometimes, the Cosmos steps up to the awesomeness…

I look forward to sharing all of the amazing things I’ve been up to since our last reading together.

Stock up on some java, friends…it’s gonna be a lengthy list. 😉

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