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Walking the walk…


Live your truth. Express your love. Share your enthusiasm. Take action towards your dreams. Walk your talk. Dance and sing to your music. Embrace your blessings. Make today worth remembering. ~Steve Maraboli

 This weekend serves to jumpstart the (THE) busiest two months of my calendar year. 😀 with a lil’ (o.O)

Yesterday was an amalgamated Ottawa-Gatineau Walk for Lupus wherein “Team SpoonieVille” raised just over $1,000!!! That puts a three year  total of over $3,800!! *fistpumps*

The day was beautiful and brutally sunny. SPF eleventy-billion was applied. Lupus patients can suffer from photosensitivity.

100_0347But FIRST!!! The Comic Book Shoppe!! It was Free Comic Book Day! My first time going and I can assure you…it did not disappoint! My time was limited, though, given the sun, the heat and the gaggle of people sending my extra-sensitive, over-processed brain into hyperdrive.

We made our way over to the Gatineau side to see where the walk was going to take place. We were about 2 hours early at this point…I’m always early…but that was a lil’ excessive 😉

So? We found a great little parking spot near the water and fancied to take us some photographs!!

Here are a lil’ collection of ’em:

That’s not sand…it’s snow. I can control the weather.

*shifty eyes*
















Me and my SuperSocks, gifted by my dear Heidi & Dave.






This is the symbol of where I live:



Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

This is the back view from the Gatineau side 🙂


We found a sneaky lil’ house-y-thing (I really should’ve looked at the plaque…my bad!):

_DSC0469 _DSC0450












And I simply wanted a nice, fresh headshot (not the gaming kind, of course…):




It’ll do.

I’m my own worst critic.



Then we came upon these dudes…mates…


“Dude. You took a photo of ducks?!?!”

Yes. It’s important. Shane proposed to me a mere three weeks after finding out about my devastating disease diagnosis. We were there to attend a walk to raise awareness for said disease.


(more on that, later…)

ON………TO………..THE WALK!!!!!!!

“Team SpoonieVille” assembled!! A handful in presence, a ton in spirit! If ever I start to feel lonely in my journey of managing the cosmos under the pressure of a chronic illness…I look at the messages and comments and donations and I know that I am most assuredly NOT alone.

01-_DSC0559I like to dress up a lil’ bit (which also originated by my issuing a dare for donations in order to wear a corset!) and my friends didn’t disappoint! Spoons and butterflies and ROGUE and a wee lil’ Superman…and, of course, my knight in shining armour!

(okay, bonus kudos to my husband who wore his hand-crafted chain maille shirt and coif in eleventy-billion degree heat with a black shirt underneath…I love him dearly…he…is…awesome)



Here he is!





We had people taking our photographs all afternoon!!

M’thinks that next year’s Walk is going to be just as epic…if you’re up for joining our badass team…you can play dress-up. Cosplay is TOTALLY welcome!! Can you even imagine?!?

“Why? Why did you guys dress up?”

It stems from this belief held by some people that I am some kind of SuperHero. *shrug* Apparently, I have inspired people with all that I do and with all that I have. So, I’d made myself a cape to wear last year. Y’know…try to find some humour in something I’m just doing to “keep on keepin’ on…”

wonder womanI wore the WonderWoman supersocks because… well… have you ever seen this meme?

*shifty eyes*

Just sayin’, is all.


17-_DSC0575THEN…I got a surprise that brought a lil’ leakage from my ocular orbs…KATE & JOSH!! See, Josh is from Scotland…and is visiting my beautiful friend here in Ottawa for a couple of weeks…and they took time from “their” time to come out for the walk!!!!!!!! *SUPERSQUEEEEEEEEEE*!!!

*superspazzyhappydance* for friends of awesomeness all ’round!!









And that was the day…in a nutshell. 😉

Before the walk started, we took a moment of silence to remember those who we’ve lost. Shanty, Rhian…you were there. I could feel your whispers on the breeze that touched my cheeks…and I walked for you, too…

…because I can. xoxo



    • Brynn

      Thank you so much!! I’m really hoping to score some more people who’d like to play dress-up next year…it was so awesome and really does energize me with the support! ox

  1. Christine

    Brynn you are definitely my hero with or without the cape. Next year I am determined to be there to walk with you.

    • Brynn

      *tears* I have no words to express my gratitude for your support. I carried that pool noodle lance with great pride on your behalf!!! xoxo

    • Brynn

      I can’t thank you enough for not only taking the time to follow along my bat-shit crazy journey, but to *get it* AND…take more time to comment. It makes me *squee*. xoxo

  2. GypsyDee

    If it weren’t for you…I would not be as aware of Lupis as I am…having the opportunity to be there in the presence of *my* own personal hero..for what you face was a no-brainer to dress up to bring more attention to what YOU do in the fight….I will always be in your matter if you can tell me or energy and love are with you..and I’m honored that I could have been part of such an awesome day! (my first walk for Lupis was a definite memory to keep) 🙂

    • Brynn

      I think the simple fact of knowing, deep down in that recess of your essence, that someone has your back, through good and through bad…makes it that little bit easier to put one foot in front of the other in a challenge like this. xoxo

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