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Under the Polar Vortex of Geekdom

…over here in our Nation’s Capital…starting the school year off with a “Snow Day.”

But’s it not a “Snow Day.”

It’s a “Slap on yer skates to your Wellies and skate that sum bitch road!” kind of day.

+5C rain/freezing rain to -29C(windchill) flash freeze in the next 12 hours.

*jazz hands*

So, needless to say, I’ve got a full house’o’kids (with the two daycare girls) and I’m sure as shit not complaining about NOT having to go out in this. 😉

Thought I’d post a lil’ geekery, ‘cuz we’re likely just going to be chillin’ with my husband, who also stayed off the roads!

We’d gone to Chapters on the weekend to get a Starbucks mocha-choca-whatever with a coupon and lo’ and behold there were….SALES. \m/

Doctor Who Yahtzee.

Waiting for the Doctor to beam my keister UP!...Wait...what?
Waiting for the Doctor to beam my keister UP!…Wait…what?


I used to play Yahtzee with my mother when I was younger.

I love games.

Too bad I totally SUCK at them. 😉

20% off.





Then my husband stumbled across THIS dandy:

[cue Imperial March]
[cue Imperial March]

What is it?!?!




[cue collective gasp of awesomeness]
[cue collective gasp of awesomeness]

It’s a freakin’ POKER CHIP set!!

$99.99 marked down to:


*jazz hands*


There’s mooooooooooooooooooooore!!!

[cue light saber sound effects of HOO-AH!]
[cue light saber sound effects of HOO-AH!]

The. Case. Lights. Up.

Oh, the WIN!!!!!




I don’t even know how to play Poker.

Chick is gonna LEARN!!!!!!!! 😉

Did you get any games of total geek badassery over the holidays? What’s your fave??


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