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To Choose a Memory…

I did A Thing.


I made my way for the annual Kaleidoscope Gathering to connect and join with hundreds of my friends to celebrate our spiritual communities and share the gifts of Time and Knowledge.

I’d had a bit of a snafu getting there this year…but, being the theme was “Cosmos”…I was not going to go down without punching Lupus in the proverbial junk. See, I was leaving three days after yet another, though final, chemo infusion. I was puking up until the night before, after working my shift, after trying to do All The Things to ensure my younglings had everything set up for them prior to my departure…

“Don’t go.”

Not an option. This is the ONE place I can say that I ever truly feel safe, especially given that last year’s gathering was a mere three weeks post-attempted murder (It Wasn’t Time to Sail) . The hell I’m not going, but thanks.

So, I set about going to live outside for just shy of two weeks, and by the gods you’d better believe I Did The Things.

  1. Performed a totally unwritten story in front of a few hundred people for the very first time EVER.
  2. Walked for Lupus and raised a total of $1,439 between online and in-person donations.
  3. Oathed people into the sacred Heathen space.
  4. Heard the name of my dear friends’ baby as my own.
  5. Carried the spear of the Huntress, to be included as their own.
  6. Worked registration, welcoming hundreds of folk to the land that I love so much.
  7. Performed ritual under the stars.
  8. Gave a dear youngling a sticker sheet of shinies and then saw a shiny on each and every staff member of our team.
  9. Greeted continuously by the young women and girls of the community.
  10. Floating in the Bonnechere River.
  11. Performed a cleansing ritual for a dear sister; saw two baby herons at it’s conclusion.
  12. Stayed up wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too late and saw the dawn of a new day.
  13. Sang with friends.
  14. Went to “Prom” with folk who were never accepted at their own, or never had one at all…all under the stars.
  15. Performed super-secret awesomeness with Sisters who embody all that is the term “empowerment”.
  16. Served food to the Stag King competitors.
  17. Overseeing the Sisters competing in the Trials of Artemis.
  18. True, hearty belly-laughing.
  19. True, hearty soul-searching.
  20. True, hearty connection with the folk and the land.

No matter the pain levels, I made a choice…I chose to make memories.

Honourary Huntress <3

I’m going to hurt anyway. I chose to make it worthwhile along the way. There are eleventy-billion more memories I chose to keep inside my mind…ones that words would fail to describe and thus would not give proper depth to their experience.

What I chose to take away from this gathering is this:

  1. I will be starting a Kindred-esque group of like-minded individuals who wish to connect to our ancestral traditions via actions and deeds, worth and honour.
  2. I will keep myself available to all of those, but especially those, women and young girls who I wish I would have had be there for me at the times I’d needed them most. I will continue to lead by example.
  3. I will do due diligence to maintain a positive and forward-travelling path together with my Brothers.
  4. I will continue to seek to augment my own self-evolution. I’m not dead yet, and by the gods…I will continue to be amazed by all that I do, with all that I have.

I do The Things because I almost lost the chance to do so.

I do The Things because my dear friends, Rhian, can no longer from her position in the stars.

I do The Things because my children are watching.

I do The Things because you need to know you are NOT fucking alone and that even small steps are steps nonetheless.

I do The Things because…I choose. <3

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