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Tipsies and Tricksies…

10 hour workdays.

6 kids…3 mine…3 daycare.

High humidity.

Eyes swollen, skin falling off…joints feeling three times the size for my skin.

Uber flare.

Ain’t summer the shizzle??? (o.O)

When I’d downsized my daycare to just before and after school, I didn’t think about the summer. At. All.

So? Here are some tips and tricks that are saving me from:

1) Chugging a mocha-valium-latte;

2) Making the evening news.


Meal plan.

With Pinterest and the interwebs, you are never far from my own personal BFF, Google (I wrote, “Boogle”…I’m fookin’ tired…)

Search “daycare menu” or “lunches kids love”….I could put eleventy-billion links, but each has their own nutritional structure, and I’m not up for defending that concept to the masses.

Cook when they craft.

I like to pre-cook things like meatballs and taco meat (for lunchtime wraps!) while the kids are crafting. Taco meat takes 15 minutes. There simply is no excuse. (I’m *totally* not saying it doesn’t suck that I can’t sit down…)

Clean while you do stuff.

Dude, our ancestors did things like spinning the yarn for their “everythings” while sweeping, feeding and gawd knows what else…I have cleaning wipes (purchased, or make your own…whichever) under each sink…I give the counter tops a wipe while you’re I’m brushing your my teeth. I also keep mirror cleaner/cloths/toilet cleaner/paper towels under each sink so that I’m not physically carting eleventy-billion supplies up and down the damn stairs.

(I am so fookin’ tired today…)


I had bought a stick vac on sale at Canadian Tire awhile back for $19.99. It weighs two pounds. Each youngling has a day that they are in charge of a dining room vacuum after snack. They love it…why not? No, it’s not perfect, but there are eleventy-billion less crumbs that I’ll be responsible for at the end of the day. I can make peace with that.

I no longer serve. They are old enough to come into the kitchen, single file, and receive their plates. It seems small…which it is…but it is how many less steps that I have to run my Go, Go Spazzy Ass! into the table.

I cut food up. They put food in.

(bowls…onto plates…etc)

Kids want to help…seek out letting go and let them help 😉

Then….THEN….my darling husband got me THIS beauty:

Compact for easy storage in the garage...
Compact for easy storage in the garage…


It’s a mutha’ freakin’ WAGON!!!

I have a plastic one with seats that I’d used for the twins. It was stellar.

For toting eleventy-billion water bottles, towels, splash pad and park gear for the younglings?

It’s bulky and it pisses me offses…it hurts my shoulder SO badly pulling the damn beast!



Look how much mutha' freakin' ROOM there is!
Look how much mutha’ freakin’ ROOM there is!


It’s like a travel playpen!!

You push into the middle of it and VOILA!! It expands outwards in all directions.

*jazz hands*

It’s heavy in the box.


It is NOT heavy to pull!! It turns like a dream, because the handle is attached to the wheel axle!


Canadian Tire.


The plastic one I’d bought for the boyz was $89.

Thusly, it is remarkably well-priced (and being also for daycare purposes, I can claim it on my taxes!).

It’s got LOTS of storage room that neither my shoulders nor my back (lower lumbar, especially) need to bear the weight of for the outing supplies.

AND??? It supports 150 lbs internally. Why is this important?

I got to thinking (it happens…)

What if someone were to hurt themselves whilst playing??? I cannot physically carry them home. Ages are 9, 8, 7, 6, 6.

This beauty is also peace of mind.

Which is stellar, as I have only three remaining brain cells.

Today I was updating my Facebook status and realized that I’d put my shorts on inside out.

I am sooooooo fookin’ tired. 




  1. Laurie Stewart

    As always, you make me smile, and let me know that I’m not the only one in pain today. And too busy to just stop and take care of the pain.
    And you made me laugh, almost to the point of coffee out my nose. 😀

    • Brynn

      Morning nasal spewage is always a reason to share as much as I do. 😉 I’m thankful you can pick little things out as they apply to you, you’re always such a grand source of support…know that I’m sending any anti-pain I can muster your way!! HUGS

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