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“Time” Defined…

I thought it might be helpful to post a post (??) regarding my frequent sayings of “2.2”…

See, “2.2” refers to my concept of “time.” My value of time has been greatly


“restructured”…after having the twins in 2007.

Twins. My “let’s try for one more.” So, instead of baby #4 (karma can be such a biotch!)…I carried BABIES #4 and #5 into the world on Superbowl Sunday, 2007 (which rocks in a way I cannot adequately articulate…GO, GO COLTS!!!).

Having five children while managing a job, a house, and the chaos of my reality leads to a different valuation of time. A minute can be forgotten, or you can learn to appreciate the ticking of each and every second…

…how ironic at this point in my life…

Here is a thought in 2.2 minutes of your time ;o)


The Joys of Motherhood in 2.2…….

…..hours, cuz that’s how long it’ll take me to write out my thoughts in between laundry, daycare, crockpot prep, coffee chugging and stuffing goldfish crackers into my dehydrated mouth as sustenance.

I always wanted to be a mom. Really, I did. So, why did I? Well, to establish my family tree. Being an only child, I wanted to give my children the foundations of lifelong bonds. Bonds I won’t have after my parents are gone from this world. I wanted to be 80 years old, looking at the “orchard” of bloodlines I’d created through grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

I clearly had NOT been told of “The 2.2 Factor”.

That 2.2 seconds being an ideal time frame within which to pee….but could possibly be pushed to 2.2 minutes if you can withstand the banging on the door. Forget about doing the “other”….besides, you don’t eat enough to function like that anyways.

That life had better function on 2.2 hours of sleep.

That you have 2.2 seconds to grab your camera to take a snapshot of a child parked in the fireplace, as you will NOT want to see what transpires in 2.2 minutes if left unattended because you can’t find said child because his arse is parked in a fireplace. I KNOW.

That you have 2.2 seconds to grab a kamikaze child from launching their ass off the dining room table, from no matter where in the house you are…

That having any more than 2.2 days to do ANYTHING by yourself is an absolute dream…just like cabana boys and, oh, let’s say….eating?

That you have 2.2 minutes to take a shower….shaving be damned….summer or not. I ROCKED the Fest shower rule 🙂

That you have 2.2 hours of sitting down time….per week.

That 2.2 minutes equates to either stuffing an entire laundry basket into the washer (colour sorting be damned), or peeing (assuming the banging on the door issue is okay with you)

That the 5 second rule actually means 2.2 hours….saves you from having to figure out how to make snack so you have time to pee.

That you may NOT bank unused 2.2 ANYTHING….

That you are required to maintain a status quo of 2.2 concurrent tasks at any given time.

But, HARK!! I have, indeed, discovered the bonus of “The 2.2 Factor”…and I’ll share it with ya 🙂

Within 2.2 seconds of each of their births, I knew I loved them so much I would die for them.

Within 2.2 seconds of hearing a little voice say, “I love you, Mummy”…any hurt or anger disappears…just like that.

Within 2.2 minutes I have learned that a mother’s touch is NOT cliché…it works.

Within 2.2 hours I have shown and taught another human being the cycle of life.

Within 2.2 years I have witnessed a human being go from a parasite, in all it’s definition, to a walking, talking, running, jumping, eat-me-out-of-house-and-home functioning individual.

Is it worth it? Really?


Because every day I am reminded of why I wanted children in the first place…


…..…in 2.2 generations, I will be looking at an orchard.

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  1. bastdanica

    Thank you for this. The reminder comes timely. 🙂

    Glad to hear you got the better part of a day to just be your fabulous self. Sometimes, 2.2 be damned.


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