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Throwback Thursday: 2.2


It’s how I live.

2.2 tasks on the go, concurrently, at any given time.

2.2 minutes within which to “Do.”

I was out of the kitchen for 2.2 seconds.

dishwasher2 dishwasher


I put these gems in a folder that I loving entitled, “Why I’m medicated.”

I like looking through the memories.

I like it, because, at the time, I didn’t know how on this beautiful blue and green orb hurtling through time and space I was going to make it.


I’m glad I took SO many pictures, because I don’t friggin’ remember most of it.


Five kids.

Set of twins.

I’m a Gemini.

Well played, Cosmos…well played.

It wasn’t just because they could walk, either…oh no. No, my Cosmos was laughing at me wayyyyyyyyy before then.

I should have known.

It should have prepared me.

mag2 mag1











Nope. A few months old…a few years old…no matter.

These gingerboys are into EVERYTHING…and they sure as shit are into it TOGETHER.

I look back at the amount of time and energy expended at a time I didn’t know I was officially sick.

I don’t know how I did it. Then, now…no matter.

They’re 8 years old now. We’re past the pooping in the floor vents, we’ve learned to be self-managing and we certainly have many more interesting conversations.

I do what I have to do. So many years I’ve lived “in the moment” not because of some kind of self-awareness, but out of survival.

One day my family tree will grow into an orchard.

It’ll more than make up for all of the, “Mommy! Come here! See what _____ (enter name of twin here) did!”

No. No, I will not. If I can’t see it, it didn’t happen…because if you’re with him, dear dude…I sure as shit know that it did. 😉



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