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The WD-40 of health activism…

Today’s Prompt??

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. What is working well in your community, healthcare, blogs, social media, or your work in particular? What do you like about it?”



You’re asking a Canadian what’s working best in my healthcare?  How ’bout the fact that I have ACCESS to healthcare.  Little card you get (And I’m lucky enough to have the good ol’ red & white, non-expiring one. Well, at least until I change my name.  Ah, crap.) allows me to saunter into a clinic any damn time I please.  Y’know.  For those hip pinches that last 7 weeks.  I can have instant access to x-rays and blood-work…just by walking in and showing my provincial right to be there.  Well, y’know…during regular clinic hours.  And then there’s my own physician.  Love her.  She “gets” my conditions.  She doesn’t know what the hell to do about them…but she doesn’t think it’s all in my head.  Love her.  Might have mentioned that…

Course I do pay outta my ass in taxes, and clearly there are ridiculous wait times, and clearly some of those specialists you have to wait 6 months to 2-3 years to see can be assholes, and…oh yes…what’s “working.”

I digress.

It’s working because when I do get an appointment, I go.  I don’t have to select from a chosen list of physicians.  I don’t have to pay when I get there.  I need to remember that.

What else is working??  Social media, of course.  It allows me to post a status on FB such as, “My rheumy is a dipshit.  Anyone use one that I can get my doc to refer me to?”  I can therefore bypass my doctor’s limited knowledge of all things out of her jurisdiction and just provide her with a name.  Hell, maybe even a phone number.

Social media has been the one true force of my health activism.  I’m on top of factoids and opinions like [insert politically incorrect joke here].  Thus?  Thus, I can bombard unsuspecting friends and family with a constant barrage of said factoids and opinions without them ever having to ask!  Isn’t that awesome of me? *evil cackle*  That is most assuredly working.  I know.  They comment.  They click “like.”  They “+1”.  They “share.”  They “RT.”

[enter Chris Farley’s SNL “Matt Foley” skit, stage left…them’s a whole lotta air quotes]

There is also the fact that I can access absolutely any and all tidbits of information, or respond to same, anywhere, anytime.  Mobile capabilities have advanced to such a limitless boundary…you couldn’t hide from me if you tried.  Hell, my phone even has GPS.  C’mon, man!

[enter Monday Night Football segment, stage right]

My work?  Um, which “work” would that be, exactly?  My actual work?  My work as a health activist?  Dude, I live in time measurements of 2.2…I highly doubt I could list all that I do as “work” within the chaos of my reality made-for-tv-movie kind of life.

As a health activist?  Well gosh-golly-gee…with the advances of online “holy crap how cheap is THAT?!?” ability to purchase business cards with your blog information on them…I’ve been known to drop a few.  Literally.  “Oops!”  Right in the middle of the mall.  *grin* I left one on a shelf at Walmart once…kinda crinkled it a bit in order to make it look a little less obvious…

…because a business card pertaining to a Lupus informational blog site on a pharmacy department shelf isn’t at all obviously left behind…

I digress.

Right now…things are most assuredly “working.”  Mostly because all of this “activism” was completely unexpected and totally unanticipated.  Again, I started this blog as just a site for friends and family to peruse…I never gandered that someone I didn’t know might come upon it.  Ever.

So by that token…I’m very fortunate to be able to 1) have access to a healthcare system that is really quite limitless (no matter how frustrating at times) and, 2) the social awareness resources to relay my thoughts, opinions and experiences…and network and search out OTHER chronically afflicted peeps who are sharing THEIR thoughts, opinions and experiences…

That is definitely a beneficial state that I can only improve upon over time as better health research becomes available and social media continues to grow. 😮

This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days

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