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The Tale of Perky Penny

#HAWMC Day 24: Fitness Friday

Tell us about your how you maintain a healthy lifestyle. What is your favorite type of exercise? How do you manage fitness with a chronic illness?


Am I the only one who sees a title with the word “Fitness” in it an automatically envisions a Perky Penny on a stair climber with Ass of Steel and abs you can shred your cheddar upon?

*shifty eyes*

I had a big shift in my perceptions a few years ago. A huge lesson that I’d learned that helped me to overcome the insatiable urge to punch Perky Penny in the throat:

Movement. Replace the word “exercise” with “movement.”

...because disco sweat is way cooler than regular sweat...
…because disco sweat is way cooler than regular sweat…

Honestly, how many times has your doctor suggested exercise as a therapy, and how many times did you, without hesitation, shudder on the inside knowing there will be no way on the beautiful blue and green orb hurtling through time and space will you ever, EVER, be a Perky Penny.

Now, try it again. Would you be receptive to the concept of your doctor mentioned to you that movement assists muscle fibres from becoming stiff… reducing inflammation and ultimately reducing the level and perception of pain.

Would you consider moving?

Would I ever suggest something so perceptively “small” to people who don’t have chronic disease or pain? No. I would be suggesting what any health professional or personal trainer would recommend.

But we’re not people who don’t have chronic disease or pain. Some days our legs don’t work.

Some days we must crawl up the stairs.

Some days managing “a good wipe of the backdoor” strains hand and wrist muscle and bones to the extent that they feel they are going to snap off.

Thus, when I’m able, I weight train.

When I’m able, I will walk a few kilometers with my dog.

When I’m able, I can manage an epic shot of *evil stabby glare* over at Perky Penny while I’m in downward dog in the Sauna of Hell hot yoga studio.

I keep myself moving. If it falls into the category of “exercise,” so be it. Awesomesauce. Amazeballs. Totes whatev’s.

I think society, in general, has preconceived notions in their heads when they hear the word “exercise” and I verily believe it is a real hindrance to their ability to perform…well…exercise!

If we can get people moving…the inflammation is going to be greatly affected, often leading into the ability to do more and more movement…of differing varieties…and it *will* become this “exercise” that you speak of.

Thing is, if people are thinking they can’t “exercise”…they aren’t going to try anything at all.

If people are moving…it’s always going to be forward…in health. 🙂

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