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The Frabjous Day…

Today is the Frabjous Day.

I did, indeed, Futterwacken.  As vigorously as my GO, GO Spazzy Legs could…

There are no children in my home.  This, in itself, is not new.  They see their daddy frequently…

No…today is something more than that.  It is the day that all of my children are in full time school.  “Meh,” you say.  Fair enough.

Today is the first time in 16 years, over the course of managing FIVE children…managing either my profession as a Law Clerk (Specialist in Family Law)…or as a WAHM managing at times FOUR daycare children (plus my own)…managing the household…often as a single parent (I raised five children as a single parent for over two years)…managing school schedules…managing the entire freakin’ cosmos…

…that I have NO children in my home for the course of each school day.

I am now…however I feel the need to look at it…the proud owner of “me”…and “me” alone…for a glorious 7.5 hours per day.

Dude.  I’d really rather like to think that I’ve EARNED the right to futterwacken…vigorously…today.

So.  What’d I do so far?  Well, today was the first day of my “classes.” 🙂  I’d signed up at The Athletic Club a few weeks ago, and am now able to commit to the schedule.  Today I had a 9 a.m. appointment with “me”, doing a BodyArt class.  A smorgasbord of yoga, cardio and strength.

How’d I do?  Well, it felt like my head was going to pop off at some points…but for the most part? Holy crap I DID IT!!  Then I saw a barrage of people coming in for the next class, and saw that one of the women there was staying for this next class.  I asked her what it was.  “Meditative Yoga,” she said.

Holy crap on a cracker. (O.O)

Seeing as how I’ve really nothing on my agenda…I think I’d like to stay, too! 🙂

So I did. And it felt great.  It felt great to let my mind go free…

…to see the image of a cobbled road before me…as it encountered a cluster of foliage and trees, it diverted itself around both sides…there were many less cobbled stones after each diversion…I’d liken that to my own journey, of course.  Each cobble representing a “to-do.”…each obstacle in my direct path I can surely run right into…or effortlessly walk around it…each completion of a major chapter in my life, slowly making there be less and less cobbles…

It’s not a long road.  I know this.  And it will take much effort even to reach every obstacle, and re-direct myself from it…and I hope that, given this new-found “time-to-me”, I can bring myself the peace I need to relax,  rejuvenate and revitalize… I’ve no further time left for drama, for negativity, for pity pots left sat upon… Speak swiftly and kindly and to the point.  

I’ve no extraneous time for bullshit and the gaudy baubles of ignorance.

Came home, had a hot shower, spritzed myself with my uber-fave mist from Soap & Glory, popped some preventative Motrin (cuz you bloody well KNOW that Go Go Spazzy Chick here will likely be in tears later from the discomfort and pain of the workout)…and?

Sat. My. Ass. Down. *shiteatinggrin*


It’s so quiet. It’s really rather uncomfortable. But it’ll pass. 😉

At the end of today I will know that I had the goal to be able to push through the pain and the brain fog and get myself going to these classes, and that I most assuredly succeeded in accomplishing that goal.

The forecast for SpoonieVille?



  1. Marie

    Rock it woman! I am so very happy for you!

    I hope, sometime soon, when the back-to-school dust settles, that you’ll find a moment to visit friends for a cup of tea and chit chat for an hour or two.

    But for now, I know you’re basking in the joys of the independence of time. Hail and Blessed Be! 🙂

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