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The day I won without playing…

Game playing…

Some win.

Some lose.

Then people like me…undertake to change the game completely.

A game of challenge and acceptance.

A Canadian National Kubb Championship.

Challenge: Organize, plan and pull off Canada’s first ever National Kubb Championship.

Challenge: [ACCEPTED]

On the 7th of June, 2014, I watched my husband’s dream come to fruition.


What you can’t see in this photo, are the number of people, family and friends that stood behind us, encouraging and coaxing us through our perseverance and efforts to make this dream a reality.

Real, it was.

Local teams we’d never met.

Teams that traveled up from Toronto and down from  Montreal.

Teams that brought the love of kubb from the U.S. to not only a different city…but a different country!

The Canadian National Kubb Championship went international!!!!!! \m/

I dunno. Something…changed.

Like, a lightswitch turned on, or off, whichever.

See, I’ve been having a bit of a soul-crisis as of late…not really knowing where I want to fit in, IF I fit…or whether I don’t want to “fit in” anywhere in particular at all.

Maybe it’s because I’m so tired of hurting. Physically. Bearing the weight of the burden of an asshat autoimmune disease.

Maybe it’s because I’m so frustrated with spiritual chest-puffery and false ideals spread as truths. Soul-hurt. Sometimes I just want my path to be mine alone…and not made to be a piece of every event or conversation…my path leads me to be the “Me.” that I am…which is whole lotta awesome…not gonna lie. 😉 I believe in “Me.”

The days and weeks and months leading up to pulling off a national tournament left me with challenges I quickly learned to adapt to: how to stave off “brain fog” to remember small details. Notes. Lists. Lists of lists. Bat-shit crazy level of lists.

*shifty eyes*

I forgot stuff. I learned to accept that I did, and tried again.

I found tasks that I not only liked, but was good at. Shane did the same for himself.

Together, it was the feeling of how “natural” our planning meshed.

Token Canada Goose shot, eh?
Token Canada Goose shot, eh?


The day was perfect, weather-wise. We chose the park, in part, due to the huge, beautiful trees…cutting down my exposure to ultraviolet light, which makes my skin burn…from the inside. If *I* benefit from the shade, you know other people will, too! We had a gentle breeze coming up off of the Ottawa River…Canada geese were chillaxin’…ducks…DUCKS!!! Everywhere. 🙂

I knew standing would be my bane of the day…I knew sitting, temporarily, would be worse. I adjusted and I managed.


I haz it.

We got local radio station, Live88.5FM hooked on tossing some wood!
We got local radio station, Live88.5FM hooked on tossing some wood!




We had a local radio station show up in the afternoon to provide the participants with some tunes…even got the crew up playing kubb, too!! 😀 \m/ If you tell five friends and they tell five friends…





Funny, y’know…meeting so many new people, so many fascinating stories, all centered around a game you can play in your backyard with a brew, or spend hours drilling your incasting techniques.

Funnier still, it had nothing and everything to do with a girl with an asshat autoimmune disease.

I wonder what else I will choose to do this year. 🙂

#kubb on!! \m/

Success: Proof Positive.
Success: Proof Positive.
Internationally known, locally made.
Internationally known, locally made.




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