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The day I didn’t gut my kitchen…

More or less sledgehammer-y...
More or less sledgehammer-y…

Alternatively known as, “I woke up this morning and wanted to change EVERYTHING!”…but with less happy and with more sledgehammer-y.

I have one of those kitchens that kind of reminds me of a box. Schroedinger would have a field day with my kitchen. It’s fairly big…but the spatial challenges it faces (trying to be totally “PC” here) is frustrating, at best.

NOT because I have a ton’o’shit. Which, in fact, I might. But that’s not the point.

The point *IS*…when my Go, Go SpazzyAss needs to get into the corner cupboards, I damn near take off a boob on the corner of the door with how it opens.

I’m not even going to obligate you to the visual of trying to maneuver my Go, Go, “I’ve-earned-this-ass”!! underneath the L-shaped cabinetry between the sink and the fridge. There’s enough room for a dead body under there, but you’re shit out of luck to actually haul it in place. You’ll get stuck. Then NO one is going anywhere.

I digress.

Point being, sometimes those of us with chronic pain to whichever hounds-of-hell degree have to discover, the hard way, just how implausible certain normalcies (what the hell is that word?!?) of daily function can be.

Which then lead me to want to “putter” and rearrange the new goodies that came in last week from Epicure. Which lead me to just stand there sending out the *evil stabby glares* at the stupid, riDONKulous, kitchen cabinetry which has now become my nemesis.

For 2.2 seconds I’d considered the Home Depot card in my wallet and the sledgehammer in the garage.

For the record, removing cupboards most certainly does NOT need a sledgehammer.

For the record, I totally didn’t gut my kitchen.


Oh, so very, very close.

Have you ever just wanted to “change everything” in your house? Or, are you a “little bit at a time” kind’o’folk? Have you made any changes directly due to your chronic afflictions?

My dream would be a solid wall of cupboard along the back wall of the kitchen. Sure, I might need a step stool on occasion (which would come with it’s own warning label, I’m certain)…but at least I’d have both my boobs intact. 😉


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  1. Maranda

    With a Bunch O Kids, there is NEVER enough storage space of any kind! I could use double the kitchen cupboards I have, I swear.

    My garage enters through the kitchen, and I have a whole shelf and cupboard in there full of kitchen appliances and stuff. At one point I had them all in the basement laundry room as well as extra dry goods and I would send the kids fetching and putting away daily.

    My goal sometime soon-ish is to clean out my one “crap cupboard” and see if I can put it to better use…

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