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The blind leading the girl…

New Year’s Day epiphany at the corner of Nuggett Drive and Barrington Road:

RoseMy dog is a Chronic Badass.

I’ll begin by describing the eleventy-billion centimetres of snow the city has received in the past, oh, say, three weeks:

TRUCKLOAD. It’s insane. And the layered kind between days of freezing rain, then snow, then whateverthehellyoucallit, then more snow.

Then I’ll describe that, due to said layering of various states of frozen water, snowplowing the roads and sidewalks hasn’t been most ideal.

I say this as I hobbled myself o’er ridges and crevasses and nooks and crannies.

Now we’ll add in that it’s stupid-degrees outside (Not brutal, just stabby-windchill).

Enter, blind dog.

Enter, booties and coat for said dog.

Rose2Notwithstanding that my dog doesn’t mind the coat, she also doesn’t mind the booties. Given that she’d never been groomed before we had her, once she was, the lil’ pads of her paws were quite delicate. She’s had the booties ever since, even on just wet days.

Now, picture said dog walking along ridges and crevasses and nooks and crannies.

Now, remember, she’s blind.

I really, really tried not to giggle when she plowed straight into a snowbank.

I most assuredly tried to stifle a chuckle when she headplanted into the snow when her flipper-feet booties got caught up in a crevasse (or was it a ridge?).

And you know what she did?

She kept going. She was happier than a fat kid on a Smartie just to be outside in the fresh air. I know she can see shadows out of her one eye…and it was a bright, sunny day today…but I do know she could feel the sun.


My heart wants to feel sorry for her. To feel badly because she can’t see the little doggie friends we pass along the way or the birds in the trees (kind of thankful she can’t see the squirrels…just sayin’).

Then I asked myself, “Do you feel sorry for yourself?”

Mother of pearl, with all the shit that goes on with my body and t-cells and antibodies and fascia and internal organs?!?

My answer is, “No.”

Then why would I feel sorry for her? She’s happiest being loved, going outside, smelling, frolicking…don’t I as well?

SAMSUNGIf my dog could have a #gladitude, today certainly was one of those days…just…being…


You go, lil’ badass.

You go.



  1. Steve

    I’ve always had a soft spot for rescues. it may be a bit selfish , but it feels good to give them finally a safe caring home.
    I’m glad you gave her a home.
    And I’m sure she could smell those other dogs.

  2. GumbyGern

    My dog punctured his eye during play time in the forest. We had it removed (it was the best option). Dogs think differently than we do. All appearances, from my point of view, he doesn’t miss the removed eye. He continues on, being a dog. As Steve pointed out, dogs sense of smell is 40 million times better than ours. Dogs can smell the colours, of the OC bus you rode, two weeks ago.

    I wish I could wipe out the bad stuff in my life, as easily as the dogs can. They do it without trying. I suspect that people with Lupus, Diabetes, or other debilitating diseases, carry on, similar to the dogs we know and love. The difference that I see, is the situation. Most people with these situations, have others who depend on them. They continue, because they have to.

    They are my heroes.

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