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The Assist-A-Sash…

(add to my to-do list: haul out sewing machine to attach badges...)
(add to my to-do list: haul out sewing machine to attach badges…)

It’s like a SuperHero utility belt…but for…y’know…the chaos of my reality.

I coined the term eons ago as a result of conceding that I do not ever ask for help. I ended up conceding, however, that I could, in theory, ask for “assistance.”


Could happen.

*shifty eyes*

Anyhoooooooooooo….what I was trying to endeavour to do…was to feel comfy and able to ask people for “assistance” where required. My doing so would earn me theoretical badges on my “Assist-A-Sash”…much like my son earned in Cubs or like my daughter is earning in Brownies.

To date, I have six badges.

It’s a start. 😉

Are you comfortable asking for help? Does it make a difference if you were to call it something else?



I’m totally fan-girl for “Delegation”…just sayin’. Conforms to my lunatic-level need for control. It allows me the opportunity to “choose” to let someone assist me on some level.



Do I like it?

Nope. The anxiety that accompanies the ability to let something go in order to get things done/accomplished is riDONKulous.

However, I can concede that I am not augmenting my health nor my stress (which, in turn, releases dastardly chemicals in my already over-processed body) by maintaining a to-do list longer than War and Peace.

I will also concede that there are times (many, in fact) that I phrase a statement of need in such a way that I am actually affording someone the opportunity to offer.


Easy way out?

You fandamndangled betcha!!

I just released myself from the throes of the all-encompassing “guilt” that accompanies my anxiety whenever I require the assistance of others out of their own busy lives.

I find that if I practice with smaller requests, with the people closest to me, that it greatly augments my ability to do so when I seriously need some frackin’ help.

Because let’s face it…what if I had just chugged my mocha-valium-latte and the world suddenly needed my help?

Delegation of awesomeness, of course.


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  1. Jason

    That is a neat Idea, I always have trouble asking for help. I hate it my anxiety gets me like crazy and I cant muster up the asking, I always expect people to day no. SO I shy away from it. Love the sash idea.

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