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Tale of the Tape…

Aka, I am owning my shit and being accountable so I can moan and vent on occasion about the less-than-stellar days…but that was pretty verbose.

Let’s see:

7 weeks

– 13.8 pounds

-19.5 inches


Blood glucose: I’ve had most numbers hovering around 5.1 mmol/L. I haven’t had numbers like that since I was shooting up injecting insulin four times a day when I was pregnant with the twins.

Sugars are still higher in the morning, and I’m okay with that now. After taking the diabetes education sessions through the City of Ottawa (free!!), I understand that as a diabetic, my pancreas is only half-functioning, and my liver kicks into overdrive overnight. It is NOT a reflection of anything that I do, or do not do.

I also understand that my numbers, as a diabetic, are going to be different that the numbers for a non-diabetic. I get that now.

“You can’t possibly have lost a total of 19.5 inches, you’ve only lost 13.8 pounds.”

Here’s the thing. I’m not eating the way I do (palaeolithic) and sitting on the couch watching documentaries (got ya there, didn ‘t I!).

I’m at the gym.

I’m at the gym improving my cardio and doing weight training.

*always check with your doctor to make sure exercise is right for you! Just like my S’mores box last summer indicated “campfire not included”…it just has to be said.*

Meaning…I’m building muscle. Lean muscle.

(and please…enough of the “muscle weighs more than fat!”…really? A pound of fat and a pound of muscle both equal a pound…I think you mean it “looks” different…like, as in how much room it takes up!)

“Oh, I can’t go to the gym because I have too much pain.”


Here’s where I gently encourage you to reword your statement to:

“I don’t want to go to the gym.”

It’s a choice.

Pain? DUDE. I’m right smack in a lupus/fibro flare that feels like I’ve been bitten by the hounds-of-hell. I’m not a martyr…I loathe going to the gym feeling like this with every fibre of my essence.

I’ve got abdominal swelling from failing kidneys.

I’ve had a heart attack and I’m afraid I’ll keel over on the elliptical. Every. Time.

My muscles and joints burn so bad my husband holds me while I shake and cry.

I’m RIGHT THERE with you. Ain’t no purple painted ponies pooping butterflies jacked up on SugarSmacks o’er here, eh?

You know that moving a little bit is better than not moving at all. Arm raises while seated…add in a couple of soup cans for resistance. Leg lifts while seated. Get those long muscles working, which will also metabolize your blood glucose better.

Google: “Chair Yoga.”

There are Youtube videos, too!

Can you promise to move just a little bit? 5 minutes? Today?

Let me know…I want to give you the kudos you deserve!!



  1. Edain Duguay

    I’m always amazed at how strong you are in the ‘health nightmare’ that colours your life and how inspiring you are to so many. As for me, I walked for 90 mins today in the lovely sunshine, take that sugars…lol. Also, I’m plotting to take up swimming again, at least every other week to start with. Small steps but definitive ones. 🙂

    • Brynn

      *garsh* 😉 Your words are so kind and generous and very much appreciated to hear! xoxo

      Now for the HOO-AH!!!!!!!!!! *raises pompoms* and does a *happyspazzyjig* for an awesome walk!! 90 minutes!! Good on ya, woman! *snap* 😉


  2. GypsyDee

    I was reading your post..and dumbstruck (as always) by how much you do to keep ‘you’ sane..then thought about how hard I’ve been on myself as of late with not having time or energy, or anything to make my outer shell likable to my inner warrior..

    So, after an impromptu morning shift (7 to 3), how does THIS pyrate enjoy the remains of the day?

    Walked back home (7k round trip today), decided to take some body measurements cuz I’m feeling like things are ‘shifting’ (scales are eeeeevil)…

    Last December my jaw dropping (not in a good way)measurements
    were : 42-39-46
    (the scale I used told me I weighed as much as when I carried my ManCub 14 years ago.)
    Working out bit-by-bit, as time/pain/energies allowed: walking 3k daily since Feb, back up to 200 crunches and 50 squats minimum 3x/week…plus various other small routines for tone (pushups, roundhouse kicks, stairs (I’m on the 12th floor) equals:
    Measurements as of today May 3rd: 41-34-44!

    I’m thinking’ 5 inches off the waist line, and an inch on the other 2 ‘major areas’ is a HUGE step for me! yaaay!

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