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Take my hand…


I don’t often post photos like this…but this one filled me with so much joy, I just had to share…

…because the feeling of the awesome means that something has changed.

I’m changing my profile photo on my Facebook to reflect this most wondrous of change.

My hand(s).

My hand has held a lover’s.


My hand has held new lives.

My hand has bandaged boo-boos.

My hand has created art.

My hand has clapped with joy.

My hand has reached to the sky in ritual.

My hand has guided my imagination through books.

My hand has received the embraces of my friends.

My hand has been learning new skills.

My hand carries the oath rings of my most wonderful husband.

My hand.

The hand.

To think that I ever would have wanted to hide it.

To fix it.

To erase it.

The hand that saved my life.

Can you see it?

I am a survivor.



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