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System Defrag, STAT!

Day 7: Health Activist’s Choice!!

Write about what you want today.

So, last night…in bed…

…where some of our best “conversation” happens…

*stay with me here….*

Shane and I were discussing, as usual, my plethora of afflictions that simply just border on the ridiculous…

…and then he did something totally unexpected.

He compared my circumstance to a computer.

Specifically, he compared the “trial and error” of diagnostic testing and pharmaceutical interventions that we chronically afflicted repeatedly endure, to what he does at work.  He is a certification analyst who tests incoming software (well, as best as I can understand it).


Was I insulted that he’d compared the agony and frustration to something that manages 1’s and 0’s?


It means that he “understands” the process of being chronically afflicted!!

Have you found your caregiver’s M.O.?  No, not “modus operandi”…in my case, “magneto-optical”

A sports analogy?  Business strategy correlations?  Construction metaphor?

If you think communication between yourself as a patient and your caregiver is important…imagine how much easier it could be if you could find something to relate your experiences to with which they have solid, working experience!!

At the end of the conversation regarding all that ails me as a subfile unzipped and  vectored into something-or-other…I simply asked:

“Can I just press Ctrl + Alt + Del and start over?” 😉



  1. shirley

    It would be nice if treating Lupus was that easy. I think u have to take charge of your own care & make tough choices whether traditional medical treatment is the way u should go. Sometimes the treatment side effects are far worse than the disease

    • Brynn

      We must, indeed, be our own activists! Unfortunately, many of the medications are originally designed to manage and treat other conditions, so the side effects are very much often worse than the disease. I’m thankful that my husband is truly beginning to not just see, but to understand. What I think most people also don’t understand, is that chemotherapy injections are, most assuredly, the “Ctrl Alt Del” of Lupus. Scary. (o.O)

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