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Survey Says??

NHBPM Day 27: “I bet you didn’t know….

I am draggin’ my sorry arse through to the end of this challenge like Clint Bowyer…..upside down…..and on fire.

What do I bet you didn’t know?

I bet you didn’t know:

1. I used to play piano with the Royal Conservatory of Music.

2. I rode equestrian for 7 years.

3. I was Valedictorian in Grade 6. Huzzah! for the 12 year old brainiac that everyone picked on.

4. My father is a retired Brigadier General for the Royal Canadian Air Force.  I never got moved to the shitty towns/cities.  I never got moved to the really cool, overseas ones, either.

5.  I would prefer to sit in a pub with wings and a Coke than dress up for a $100/plate dinner.

6.  I am an only child.

7.  I had to sign for my mother to be committed to the psych ward of the local General Hospital when I was only 19.  My father was in Africa on military business and I missed Frosh Week at Carleton University because she was there for two weeks.

8. I still need therapy because of that.
9.  I am a Steampunk character named, “Vivian Ainsworth.”

10.  I volunteered when the Special Olympics had regional finals held at my high school when I was in Grade 9.  I still remember those people.  They taught me significantly important lessons.

11.  I used to take 6-8 buses per day when I was a single parent working at the law firm downtown.  The daycare for my two sons was a 6 minute drive from my house, but an hour on the bus due to connection issues.  6 buses on a nice weather day when I could walk across through City Hall.  8 buses on a shitty, -37C windchill blizzard, two kids in snowsuits, bus full of ignorant, smelly people.

12.  My grandmother was the most influential person in my entire life, and I miss her with every fibre of my essence.

13.  I’m crazy-obsessed with anime.

14.  I can prepare (with calculations and ephemeris) natal birth charts.

15.  I’m even more in love with my husband than I express.  The words don’t seem big enough.

There’s a lot I bet you didn’t know.  I’ll bet you also didn’t know that there are many days where Lupus and any of the other plethora of chronically related afflictions are the LAST thing I want to write/read/talk about.

I’ll bet you didn’t know that it silently kills me a little bit inside every day to think that there might be a genetic pre-disposition for any of my children to develop the disease.

If there’s one thing I’m certain to bet on that you DO know, it’s that you can sure-as-shit know that I’m going to give this life it’s good come-uppance.

Oh yes.

Yes, indeed.


This post was written for Wego Health’s National Blog Post Month, 2012.

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