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SuperHero AlterEgo

I haz one.

I have my own SuperHero cape, yo! \m/
I have my own SuperHero cape, yo! \m/


I have spent the past four years bringing awareness to the masses about the autoimmune disease, Lupus, and of diabetes. And of fibromyalgia. Because when you have an autoimmune disease, all the secondary syndromes get jealous and wanna come out and play, too.


Sharing all that my family’s journey entails…the good…the bad…the Go, Go SpazzyAss that achieves more in a year than I ever did before my health diagnoses…all with the hopes that someone will gain SOMEthing that will help them in their own chronic journey and challenges.

But…there’s more.

Whereas most people are focused on my health challenges and journey…there is someone out there who requires regular support from ME. My husband, Shane.

This is where my SuperHero AlterEgo lives.

See, he had a dream many years ago after playing in the World Championship in Sweden…to bring the game of “KUBB” (pronounced like “koob”/”tube”) to Canada in the form of a Canadian Championship.

First Kubb Canada appearance was at the 2013 Scotiabank Nordic Walk for Cancer Survivors
First Kubb Canada appearance was at the 2013 Scotiabank Nordic Walk for Cancer Survivors

Last year we made more interpersonal connections with kubb clubs in the U.S. and…after much hesitation, said a hearty “Let’s go, eh!”

We picked a date for the very first Canadian National Kubb Championship.


[Ottawa, Ontario…on June 7th, 2014, at the beautiful Strathcona Park]

*jazz hands* 😀

What is it?,” you ask?






For your 2:43-long viewing pleasure:

From backyard, recreational, camping players to the most hardcore, drilling, competitive players…the appeal of the game suits all levels, all ages.

I make sure to gently coax my husband into participating in the things that he loves to do (secret: make them think they came up with the ideas themselves…shhhhhh…*shifty eyes*), like playing in the League of Rock, and now the local School of Rock.

But kubb? As an organization? Across the country? Making connections around the world?!?!?

Why on this beautiful blue and green orb whizzing through space would I ever want to put even MORE on my chronically too-small plate?!?


Scrapbooking? “Healing Through Art.”

#gladitude? Perspective and choice.

Blogging? Advocacy and awareness.

ALL health, ALL the time.

More often than not, I simply tire of living “lupus.”

Kubb?!?!? Kubb allows me the social interaction in relaxing environments either with family or friends OR…on occasion…BOTH.

It’s movement. Movement of muscles and joints that regularly betray their own ability to function.

Thus, it’s neither strenuous nor over-exerting.

It’s with my husband.

Watching him realize his dreams and his goals when, day after day…night after night…his focus is regularly given to me and to what our family needs…

Well. It’s just a beautiful thing.

It allows me to be a wife, not a patient.

Empowered, not afflicted.

Yes, in time I will have learned enough to translate lessons into my volunteering with Lupus Ontario…things such as finding sponsorship, organizational structures…all the nitty gritty of running a national event.

But, at its root, will be the best lesson of all: How I learned to support the best friend I’ve ever had.

#kubb on!! \m/

It's, like, throwing a piece of wood at another piece of wood, eh?
It’s, like, throwing a piece of wood at another piece of wood, eh?


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