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Spidey Sense had a thought…

I’ve decided.

Actually, I decided a couple of weeks ago (I typed, “weeds”…foreshadowing?) that I was going to give it a go.  That I was going to git’er done.  That I was going to…

…take a one year Chartered Herbalism program.

Online.  “Distance Education.”

Yes.  I am that bat-shit crazy.

Of all the bloody things on the planet, why “herbs”?!?

Lemme tell you something.

A long time ago, I became a mother.  A long time ago, I almost let a physician tell me what was wrong with my son, when my gut…my “Spidey Sense”…told me otherwise.  I almost let my son drown in the fluid that was overtaking his little lungs.

Today, when *I*, myself, am going to the plethora of physicians that currently run my care…I neglect the one very thing that the cosmos as bestowed upon me to ensure my survival…


I know that the medications I’ve currently been prescribed are not doing…”okay.”

I know that the medications I’m on are most assuredly contributing to the cessation of my cellular activity.

I am flabbergasted that the general medical community of physicians regard Lupus with such ignorance, that they feel that piggy-backing upon the medications used for OTHER diseases is fundamentally prudent.



Side effects?  There are no side effects of medication…that’s EXACTLY the effect of the medication on someone who is using said pharmaceutical poison for the wrong, mo-fo disease!!!!

Anti-malarials?  Are you kidding me?  You think this is….acceptable?!?

Anti-epileptics?  Are you purposely trying to kill me?!  Why yes, Doc, it blocks the pain quite well…and makes my heart seize and my kidneys degenerate. Isn’t that simply amazing to have fit all of that productivity into one little pill?! I should bow to it’s multi-tasking abilities…

I’m not saying I won’t take a pill.  No.  There are times where it’s not just prudent, it’s mandatory.  What I will not permit, is to continue my support to the bigwigs who refuse to think about the true nature of disease…and focus their work on monetary gain.

I verily believe that by educating myself, I can, at the very least, understand the physiological process by which my body is screaming for help.  What my Spidey Sense tells me…is that by going back to the old practice of using the earth’s natural resources, I can effectively put my symptoms/syndromes and diseases on the chopping block.

So.  There you have it.  My goal is to have registered for the Chartered Herbalism one year program from Dominion Herbal College in British Columbia by September 1st, 2012.

That’s also to give me time, post-epic-wedding creative accounting, to re-save the monies for tuition.  I might sell off some old books, toys, scrapbooking overstock, etc…just to help alleviate the cost.  My friend, Erin, also suggested that perhaps a “Donate” button on my blog would serve me well.  I’ve done that as well.  It’s over there ————————-> up at the top right of the page.

For a woman who finds it exceedingly difficult to even ask for pledges for the city’s Walk for Lupus…this one just about damn near killed me, itself! (o.O)

Why, then?

Because I can almost guaran-damn-tee you that by giving myself the opportunity to continue my education (I’ve already boasted two College Diplomas AND and Associate’s Degree…all with Honours)…I will find answers that will not only help my own chronically afflicted carcass…but those of many handfuls of others in communities around the world.  Even if it means simply being able to create a salve to heal skin, or a tincture to suppress the inflammation.

Big dreams?

Damn straight.

I might not be able to take over the world…but I can certainly damn well try to change it.

Spidey out.



  1. Janice

    Don’t forget the blending of meds for the same or because of multiple conditions…. sure you did lots of studies. Just because they think they know what the results are of someone with lupus on plaquenil, how about if you throw in methotrexate and wellbutrin and a pain reliever and a muscle relaxant and a migraine med… what the heck is going on inside that persons body?

  2. Tracy Thillmann

    You have an awesome way with words Brynn. 🙂 Many of today’s pharmaceuticals are actually something found in nature and created chemically. Since pharma companies can’t patent nature they make their own version. Alas mother nature does it right with just the correct balance and often that is what is missing in western meds. It is great that you are going this route and you know what… you are an amazing health activist. Think of the donations more as an investment that you will be helping others, not just yourself, when you have this knowledge. Keep rocking it. 🙂

  3. Robbie

    Are there any grants available for you as ‘Vocational Rehabilitation’? I get offers to retrain me ‘for the workforce’ on a semi-regular basis; partially or fully paid by one program or another.

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