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“So what’s the symbology there?”

“…….I’m sure the word you were looking for was “symbolism.” What is the ssss-himbolism there?”…..

Any chance I can get to use a quote from the Boondock Saints, and I’m happier than a fat kid on a Smartie :o)

I got to thinking about symbolism…things that mean things, but aren’t portrayed as BEING the same thing…but essentially are….

Got it? ;o) *giggle*….I love doing that. Keeps the brain fogs at bay….[enter: Google Lupus cognitive impairments, stage left]

How about this:

“Hi! I’m Brynn…and I’m ANA+…I live with a progressive and chronic auto-immune disease.”

I am choosing to use alternative words to exemplify my condition. Better than saying, “Hi! I have Lupus.” after which you can hear the crickets chirping….HUH? What? Never heard of it.

Oh, but you’ve heard about auto-immune diseases…big ones. You KNOW they’re big. Attention and focus is ALWAYS on them….some singer slaps their name on it, opens a school for it…adopts children left orphans by it….

Why not Lupus?

You’ve got daffodils currently being dished out….there are ribbons of all different colours for this…and that…

Well, welcome to purple…and the butterfly. Or, if that’s too girly for you….we also relate ourselves to the wolf. Get it?

Lupus. Canis Lupus.

Moving on.

So. May 14th. Ottawa. City Hall to Parliament Hill and back. I’m walking for Lupus. :o)

Why would I actually get my aching joints out there just to walk a few blocks? Well…simple:


I, just like everyone else afflicted with this disease, need to raise awareness. We need funding for research. We also need to show the community that it’s not just a solo disease…it affects our entire families.

It’s hard. It’s inconvenient. But I WILL walk till I drop if it brings even ONE person to the Google board to understand why there are a bunch of purple butterflies walking around town. :o)

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