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So much to say, so little time!!

If last week was the week that made me want to run headfirst into a brick wall….this week would be the complete OPPOSITE of that week :o)
Let’s see….started with my weekend getaway to a girls’ scrapbooking retreat out of the city. Finished my mother’s wedding album and I feel freakin’ fanTAStic about it…so excited to show her.
I am, however, obviously paying for that dandy of a weekend. My fingers don’t work, I dropped a glass this morning that shattered all over the living room (laminate flooring)…and my hips feel like they’ve been hit by something. A baseball bat? A TRUCK? Good heavens.
I’m finally starting to get some sleep. For 6 days, I averaged less than the average I get in one night alone. Holy crap on a cracker, it makes for a difficult time!! Now I’m left feeling lethargic and ill as I try to catch up.
I still have to go and fill all the prescriptions. I didn’t want to start anything new being away from home last weekend.
I’ve been looking at getting myself the Bayer Contour USB meter. Why? Because. Simple as that. It’s friggin’ cool and if I’m stuck having to…well…stick myself…I like that I can still be geeky about it! :o)
Also, my fiance and I signed up and registered for the Ottawa Walk for Lupus to be held on May 14th!!! I can’t believe I’m doing this!! :o) I have been SO privileged to have had a number of the most generous friends and family makes donations for me, too!! I’m up to $615!! *SQUEEE*!!! All I was hoping was maybe someone would donate their coffee fund for the day/week, or just join me in the walk. This is a MOST amazing development, indeed!!! :o)

What else…hmmm…..oh yes…I have found THE most delicious and uber-amazing whey protein for shakes….the GNC Pro Performance Whey ISO Burst. No ‘tarded lumps of ooey-gooey and you most certainly do NOT need a blender. Nor, do you even need the little whisky-thingy-ball in the cup! :o) This is a good thing. 1 scoop for me, 20g protein, 1.5g carbs. Life is good.
Greens+ update: I’m not taking 12 $#$%$# capsules a day, thank you very much. Money grab? Perhaps. Given that I can rarely ever remember to go pee, what in the blue HELL makes you think I’m going to remember 12 frakkin’ capsules?!?!?! (o.O)
Smoke free: 3 weeks, 1 day. 0 cravings.

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  1. 5andproudofthem

    I soooo agree with you on the trying to remember things. I have a hard enough time trying to take one dang prescription pill for my depression. Birth control was totally out of the question for
    I am absolutely beaming with pride that you are doing this walk. Under so much discomfort you are still gracefully walking through life, with such positive energy and determination.

    I love reading your blog, your FB page and seeing all that you overcome, laugh about, cry about and more.

    Thank you for being a friend to me and showing me such a beautiful side.

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