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Shove(l) it, Mother Nature

Yet another dumping of snow on the nation’s capital Tuesday over-evening-into-the-wee-hours.

Yet another time to shovel and…dare I say it…brush off the car. I don’t mind shoveling when the snow is that light, icing-sugar type, like it was. What I mind more, right now, is brushing off the car. I can’t explain it, but while there are ergonomic shovels (which I don’t have)…I’ve yet to find an ergonomic car brush.

And, I’m certainly paying for it. My thenar eminence muscles in both hands are spazzy worse than ever. It’s the way you have to grip the brush AND co-ordinate your Go, Go SpazzyHands in order to sweep off the frozen crystals. Meaning, I’m now dropping everything, for starters. Nothing pisses me off more than having to do The Everything AND try not to drop shit.

Ups the bat-shit crazy factor by eleventy-billion.

So, I took a lesson from my neighbour who, I think I can safely suspect was NOT thinking of his thenar eminence muscles and is, in fact, simply lazy, came to a genius solution:


Longer leverage alleviates pollicis muscle strain...
Longer leverage alleviates pollicis muscle strain…

I have a broom from the Dollar Store that I use for sweeping out camping tents, so during the last major snow dump, hauled that sum’bitch out and started using it.

Two things. One, I can broom-push the snow off of the top of the car and onto the other side with ease. Two, there are no awkward hand angles to strain muscles you’ll need to, y’know, brush your teeth and wipe your ass later in the day.

Do. It.

Longer handle = better leverage with both hands. No awkward “batter up!” positioning, either, whilst trying to swipe off the Crystals of Doom (only because icing sugar, fluffy snow will always catch up in the breeze and fly straight into your face…ask me how I know).

I’ve also been alternating ice and heat (half-assed, though…c’mon…”The Everything” and all) on the muscles. I’ve been applying the Extra Strength Voltaren emulgel, which only kinda’sorta takes a bit of the edge off, though highly temporary…but I’ve got course work to submit and I have to type.

One person’s laziness has brought an extraordinary amount of “solution” to a very ongoing issue for my pain levels in my hands.

Would you try using a broom? Dollar Store, baby. All the way.

Though, one of those gargantuan garage brooms would be even quicker 😉

It didn't end up a Snow Day...but I'd have taken it!
It didn’t end up a Snow Day…but I’d have taken it!


Go home, Mother Nature.

I’ll meet you there and we’ll laugh and pop our meds and reminisce over the good times of summer…

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