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NHBPM Day 4: “Disclosure post. How did you decide what to share? What do/don’t you share?


What DON’T I share!?!?

Dude, my life is an open book of the made-for-tv-movie version of my life.

I share everything.

I share ANYthing.

I’ve always been like that.  I think it’s truly important that someone… ANYone…can take the lessons that I’ve learned (often the really, REALLY hard way) and apply them to their own set of circumstances.  It really does make the chaos I endure wayyyyyyyy more easier.  True story.

Every day I am whisked into the health community by means of having chronic afflictions.

The way I see it, this community is a means by which we can find solace in support, comfort in knowledge and hope in belief.

What I see, realistically, are three groups of people:

1) Purple painted ponies pooping butterflies jacked up on Sugar Smacks;


2) Eeyore met another Eeyore and went all boom-chick-a-wow-wowwww and had a whole bunch of little mini Eeyores;

or, lastly,

3) People like me.

When I share the chaos of my reality when managing multiple chronic afflictions while supporting five children, a job, a husband and a household…it’s because as soon as I received my diagnosis (the first one, not the fourth…or fifth…I can’t remember):


And by “real”, I mean that I needed to find a support system and a method by which I could manage my reality without wanting to run head-first into a wall.

I am not a #1 person.  This is NOT a life of “All kittens, all of the time!!”  This is NOT a life of force-feeding positivity down other people’s throats to the extent that they become discouraged at any challenge because “Dude seems to manage all THEIR reality with sugar plums and fairy tales, so why can’t *I*?!!”

I’m not saying not to look at the positive.

I’m certainly not saying not to share inspirational messages.

I’m saying, there is what you read on the internet, and then there is the reality of your own personal set of circumstances and life events that create the “you” that you are.

I see people every day become glum and disheartened because Ms. Chipper Sweet-Tits keeps spewing messages of “life is perfect!”…and they, themselves, are not in a “perfect” state of reality to realize that they’re doing just fine.

Maybe they’re just having a less than stellar day.

Having a less than stellar day does NOT invalidate the fact that you’re having a less than stellar day.

I share when I’m having a less than stellar day.  It helps me recognize that I’m human and have feelings and can process said feelings without becoming a #2 person.

Eeyores.  Nothing makes your support system disappear faster than those who play the “Whine-1-1” game.  “All negative, all of the time.”

This is why I created “The #gladitude project”…I truly believe, and thus I challenge, that people can find one small thing every day that they otherwise may have overlooked…and the result of noticing said small thing…well…their day improved by it’s presence.

“Really, isn’t there something you don’t share?”

*shifty eyes*

Well, of course.

I do not share…ever…the extent of my afflictions.

I allude to it.  I provide the information necessary to Google it.

I am, simply, “glad” that I have the opportunities that I have, to share my stories, my perceptions and my knowledge.  “Real life, all of the time.”

I am, simply, “glad” that you continue to support me like you do…with your comments, hugs and belief that I have the ability to overcome my challenges.


This post was written for Wego Health’s National Health Blog Post Month, 2012.

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  1. Tracy Thillmann

    Great post. I am sadly still seeing a porn movie created with two Eeyores. What a visual. 🙂 With chronic afflictions, I find I need days where I am happy, and want to share that with the world, and days where I am having a down right crappy day. Unfortunately too many people I know only want to hear the happy stuff. “You shouldn’t be complaining about your pain on a a public forum”, “I hate reading about people having bad days”. Too bad,so, sad. Suck it up. On my pages, I think I can have moments of “woopie” and “ah crap” and sometimes just “meh”. We are just human. Keep rocking girl. Loving your posts.

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