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#shakeitoff, say what?

Day 19 of #HAWMC: Stress Awareness Month

stressWhat’s the best way you deal with stress? How do you like to let loose to escape common stressors? Share with us your favorite ways to shake off the stress. #shakeitoff

Admittedly, I’d had to Google the “#shakeitoff”…not gonna lie.

*Now* I get it. Yayz.



stress (stres)
pressure or tension exerted on a material object.
“the distribution of stress is uniform across the bar”
synonyms: pressure, tension, strain
“the stress is uniform across the bar”
the degree of pressure exerted on a material object measured in units of force per unit area.

a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.
“he’s obviously under a lot of stress”
synonyms: strain, pressure, (nervous) tension, worry, anxiety, trouble, difficulty; informalhassle
“he’s under a lot of stress”

How. Many. Times.

Quick!! Try to guesstimate how many times you’ve been asked by your doctor or other healthcare professional if you’ve been under or experiencing stress.

Eleventy-billion. That is the answer to the question.

How do you deal with your stress?


How do you choose to manage your stress?? Because, you either choose to, or choose not to manage your stress.

Case in point, I’ve recently begun to suck ass at managing my stress and sought out a psychologist who I pay money I can’t afford all at once to who will talk to me and I can tell her things and life is, on the surface, bandaged.

I play board games and I play video games. I like the escapism afforded to me by being blissfully ignorant of the drama around me, whether in the news or on various social media forums.

I scrapbook, I make altered projects and I sew.

I blog. I babble about the chaos of my reality and people find something in the wording that resonates them in their own journey. That’s pretty epic shit, that there.

I love yoga but my brain won’t shut the fuck up, thus I don’t think I really get the full benefit of squishing my “I’ve-earned-this-ass” into yoga pants kind of escapism. Hot yoga? Butter me up. Love it, now that I know I won’t pass out on my face while farting all the way into downward dog.

I learn. In a completely webbed global community, the availability of free online programs or courses or workshops is astounding.

I take medication for my anxiety. Some people find it odd that an herbalist would choose to use pharmaceuticals for assistance. Unlike some people, I understand how my chemical imbalances often need a little bit more than my usual practices and thus prevent me from driving off the road and into the damn river.

I find my “Happy.” in The #gladitude project…making sure I notice the small things that would have otherwise gone unnoticed…which snowballs into even more “Happy” and peace.

I use colour as a therapy. I seek out colourful things, be it photos or things, and I find it overwhelmingly effective in creating a safe, visual space within which to regroup and refresh.

Y’know the old adage of “You get what you pay for.”??

Stress is like that. Minimal efforts see increases in stress.

Proactive efforts see a dramatic decrease in stress.

It’s why I am always trying to own my proverbial shit, yo! \m/

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