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Seeing Red…

One year ago my eldest son and I were not speaking. At all.


He was…somewhere. Lost. Using. Physical whereabouts unknown.

Thing is, people often ask me how I do it…living with an autoimmune disease and its challenges…a plethora of secondary afflictions…a looming sense of “time.”

There was a hole in my soul when he left…no medications can fix that shit. No amount of hope, of anguish, of anger, even.

Time was not a friend to me. It did not heal all wounds left by his absence.

And yet…

March 17th, 2014.

He walked through the door.

He flashed open his jacket.

The epitome of “Colour!!”

The happiest "Colour!!" EVA', yo!! :D
The happiest “Colour!!” EVA’, yo!! 😀








I *squee’d*.

I she-bopped up and down.

I spazzyarmflailed.

I *squee’d* more…


I cried.

He held me as I sobbed out how proud I am of him…for persevering, for overcoming, for enduring…for owning…

It wasn’t pretty. 😉

He laughed, I sobbedlaughed.

He hugged me again.

His first day of his co-op/employment experience.

What a difference a year makes.

Let no one ever tell you any different.

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