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Second Scrapsies: Purple Llama Studio

Kind of like second breakfast, but with more bling.

Oodles and oodles of bling. And, paper. Patterned paper. And, albums and layouts and cards, OH, MY!

Part of the ongoing “Me.” that is under personal self-evolution construction is creativity.

Scrapbooking, mixed media, papercrafting…making realistic personifications of the representation of memory.

Say that ten times fast.

I’ve been doing postings under the now non-existent-but-still-searchable-because-it’s-awesome tab of “Healing Through Art.” But, my definition and perspective of that label has greatly changed over the past year. I don’t just use creativity as a medium through which to heal…I use creativity to empower. Big diff. Totally.

I felt, however, that something was missing. Not missing like any of the eleventy-billion things I’ve put in a “safe place.” No, something in my soul that bubble wrap simply cannot satisfy.

Regular production of creative art projects.

So, I pondered and I pondered…and I discovered what it is that I want people to experience for themselves:

Creative Healing

*jazz hands*

It’s not just the making of the art…it’s the process…where hands and brain and soul meet in a perfect orchestration of emotions, thoughts and memories.

Thus, Purple Llama Studio was born, and with it, a re-application to design with and teach with Close To My Heart.

I’ve been a consultant with CTMH before. I chose to go back because I feel SO strongly that people who might not ordinarily be “crafty” can learn to find and use amazingly coordinated products…for really good price points, if they’re so inclined. Honestly. I’ve worked in three scrapbook stores and been on Design Teams from Ottawa to Vancouver. Cost? I *hear* you.

How is this for “Me.”…when it sounds like I’ll be doing things for “You.”??

Just a glittery, coordinated, Cosmic Win-Win.

Creativity is my meditation.

Meditation reduces chemical stress reactions.

Reduced chemical stress reactions lowers inflammation.

Lower inflammation states allow tissue cells to heal.

Simply put:

Making shit is good for your health.

I put an awareness ribbon in the title…do you see it? It symbolizes each and every affliction, condition and reason why you should try to add creativity into your life.

I hope you’ll follow along.

My goal is easy: Create. Inspire. Heal.

What you choose to “Do.” is up to you…





You can follow along on a Facebook page specifically for my CTMH designs:

Pattie Hultquist with CTMH, Purple Llama Studio

Want to check out Close To My Heart products and see how they have co-ordinating sets? You can click HERE to reach my website containing Idea Books, promotions and a shopping area*.

*shopping area prone to invoke fits of squee’ing and bling-y joygasms


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