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Scrapbooking….cheaper than therapy….

Well, anyone who scrapbooks knows that that really isn’t quite true (c’mon…how many of you have hidden receipts, paid cash, or suddenly find yourself possessing an honourary doctorate in “creative accounting”???) but pretty damned close!! ;o)
This weekend coming up is one of two per year that allows me to leave the city, with my bestest gal pals, for a weekend of scrapbooking.
It gets better.
There is NO cooking, NO cleaning, NO men and most certainly NO KIDS.
This was my table at the October, 2010 retreat. Look at all the yumminess that was my stash *grin* I was working on my steampunk character’s album….

I have yet another doctor’s appointment this week…this time to see if I do, in fact, need to start Metformin for my diabetes…amongst other stuff we STILL need to talk about. Then on Thursday I have to attend an Annual General Meeting for my condo board because….well….I’m the President of it.
All this to say….if I haven’t earned this weekend since the end of the LAST weekend retreat held in October (I received my first diagnosis of SLE in November).
..I most certainly will after these past few weeks….
I’m actually hoping to start scrapbooking some of this journey, too. One thing I really haven’t actually done is to scrapbook something that really isn’t so “chipper” and “cutsie”…something a little more difficult…more emotional. I think I’d really like to try that….
This past weekend went well, I think. I certainly had more energy, but damn am I ever paying for it now!! I went geocaching with my fiance yesterday, and walked a warehouse sale today. That should do me for the week! My wrists feel like they’re broken, my ankles are wonky and my hips….my HIPS for pete’s sake…feel like they’re out of joint. Is that even possible?!? Damn!
Greens+ update: I bought the damned capsules. Shut up. ;o)
Two weeks tomorrow: smoke free.

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