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Riddle Me This…

Today’s prompt is a quasi-meme ( I don’t even know what ‘meme’ means…seriously…*filed under wtf*)…”3 truths and a lie.”  Sounds like some kind of B movie.  *SNORT*  Cuz I just so happen to have one of them made-for-tv-movie kinda life, no?  WHOOT! I can ROCK this! \m/

You mission, should you accept the insomnia of the plethora of pills that make you go ‘hmmmm’ in the night…is to figure out which one of the following anecdotes is FALSE.

1.  I have a self-esteem issue that originated when I was 9 and culminated in my purchasing contacts in grade 11 after a year of having boys throw peanuts at me on the school bus all through grade 10.

2.  I started my blog for my friends and family on March 25th, 2011 in the hopes of raising awareness for the autoimmune disease Lupus, and has since grown to envelope the other secondary afflictions I have such as Type II Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, IBS, OCD, GAD, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sjogren’s Syndrome and Raynaud’s Phenomenon.  I see invisible things.

3.  Every  year I’ve  participated in the city’s Walk for Lupus fundraising event.  The mayor opens the event with a quasi-hearted (‘quasi’ being the word of the day, it seems) pompom raising speech giving us the HOO-AH we need to walk the short distance from the City Hall to Parliament Hill .  A photo is taken of us standing outside the entrance to City Hall and is published in both the city’s newspapers.

4.  Lupus is also called “the disease of a million faces”…and I should also add one million and one.  Why?  Because I sport a malar rash that makes me the ultimate personification of beauty regime SINNER by sleeping with my makeup on…just in case.  So there’s the “me” with makeup (aka, ‘normal’)…and then there’s she-beast-slapped-by-the-hounds-of-hell-themselves “me”.

There’s no prize, but see if you can spot the mystery wrapped in an enigma boiled in a riddle in sheep’s clothing…What? *shifty eyes* and *delirious cackle*

Oh, WAIT!!!  It’s the bragging rights that will come with the knowledge that you overcame the delirium of your meds-induced psychosis (aka, ‘brainfog’).

Can’t put a price on that shit. 😉

This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days:


  1. Tracy Thillmann

    So from what I know of you I am certain about 1 and2. know you have done the walk for Lupus. And we are all girlie enough at times to want to don makeup even when sleeping for various reasons of our own devising. I am truly intrigued as to which is the enigma.

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