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Rewarding perseverance…

Y’know the concept that positive reinforcement (praise/incentive on the desired behaviour) is better than negative reinforcement (taking things away)?

I’ve come to understand that it applies to me, as well.

Call it “self-care”…call it bribing myself (not above it, just sayin’)…call it what you will, but just as it’s important to reinforce positive behaviours in one’s children, I verily believe that we, as adults, not only should practice the concept with each other…but to ourselves.

No, I’m not good at it.

I believe that what I gift to myself (self-care) sorely compares to that stuff I give out.


It’s a start. I’m learning.

So, at the approach of the finality of a particularly intense goings-on that I’ve enveloped…I felt it prudent to pre-think the acquisition of a new member of my Soul Family.

“What in the sweet hell are you on?!?”

A new “Colour!! Buddy.”

Just don't push the "Push Me" button...True story.
Just don’t push the “Push Me” button…True story.

This is Delilah…the fricken’ Unicorn Monster.

Go. “Me.” 😉

But wait!! There’s MORE!!

On the suggestion of a particular *gets you* friend…

That's right...Wonder-fricken-Woman...itty bitty style...
That’s right…Wonder-fricken-Woman…itty bitty style…

Small tokens of enduring effort…but for me, it’s really that simple.

It’s a choice. Some may take to the pills. Or, the bottle, Or, the self-harm. I know this to be true either by myself or by others I care about.

So, I think that choosing “Colour!!” is a pretty fantastic choice.

I may need to acquire a Colour!! Buddy for just such an achievement. 😉

Who should I pick next??

What do you choose to “indulge” in as a positive incentive for yourself to keep on keepin’ on? \m/


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