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Regroup, Refresh, Reanimate

I’ve been waiting for tomorrow for days. And days.

I’mma leavin’ for camping…for TWO WEEKS.

*jazz hands*

IMG_20120728_135242This is my “Regroup, Refresh, Reanimate”…the once-a-year head-out into the woods to commune with nature’n’stuff.

And, by “stuff”, I mean, friends I haven’t seen since this time last year, trees, spirit, heart-heal and the like.



We take the three younglings with us, but my husband and I will have the last weekend of the two weeks to camp by ourselves. HUZZAH!!

Regular camping.

Kaleidoscope Gathering.


I’m totally IN my element, man.

The meals have been cooked, frozen, and fresh consumables acquired.


My lower lumbar *appears* to be holding up relatively well, in proportion to just how much I’ve had to get done over the past week. Then again, my lower lumbar is an asshat and can’t be trusted. So, I continue to gingerly do my physio exercises from the time my discs blew…and touch wood that it’ll continue to hold up. Got a new anti-gravity chair, too. It’s red. I shall ponder a name for my chair because I lurves it so much…

Speaking of “wood”…my husband and I have a workshop during the festival programming…KUBB!!! We’ve always brought a set and often have held “tournaments”…but with the volume of amazing workshops being held, we want to take the time to actually TEACH the game! We’re also trying out something new: having a couple of sets that camps can sign out! #kubb on! \m/

Also, it’s a particularly personal festing season for me this year. I’ve had some things on my mind, and it’s the perfect occasion to let down my wall, my armor, and seize the concepts so close to forming around my hopes, my dreams and my goals…in a safe and deeply spiritual manner.

I also get to see the banners again that I’d crafted in the name of all of the astounding volunteers that helps to run the festival…

Banner Bonanza: Healing with heART

…I haven’t looked at any images of them since their reveal, because I want to see them all anew. 🙂

I’m so giddy excited that I’ll prolly not sleep the night. That’s okay. Sort of. Well, maybe not, but I’ll try my best. I can sure as shit guarantee that my shower tomorrow morn’ will be loooooong and lingering, because it’s going to be old-school thereafter. 😉

I did a lot of hard work to prepare the nitty gritty for this escape…all so that my family will have a relaxing, positive experience that will imprint upon their memory banks.

My elder boys are looking forward to running the household on their own. I still can’t believe I have an adult son. o.O *twitch* Oil of Olay, baby…all I’m sayin’.

So much to look forward to, the challenge is always, “How much control can I let go of, in order to give myself the escapism I desperately need?”

I’ve spent more of this year in pain than not. I’m not quite sure why that is, my levels are seemingly plateaued. Stresses I’m not acknowledging? *shrug* Who knows.

What I do know is this: I aim to heart-heal.

When I return, I’ll let you know how my Go, Go SpazzyAss did. 😉

I hope you enjoy yourselves in the meantime! \m/

I had the opportunity to craft the program cover for Kaleidoscope Gathering, 2014! A collage of 8 different "woodcut" style images. HUZZAH!
I had the opportunity to craft the program cover for Kaleidoscope Gathering, 2014! A collage of 8 different “woodcut” style images. HUZZAH!




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