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Rainbows in the Rear-view…

Bright, vivid's what connects me...
Bright, vivid colour…it’s what connects me…

When I was driving back from Oshawa (Uncle’s funeral) last Thursday I drove through various periods of intermittent rains…light rains…fairly heavy rains…

Getting close to Ottawa, I drove out of one of these said periods into a wonderfully bright patch of “light”…it was getting dusky…so “light” is what I’d call it.

Well, if it’s “light” in front of me…and “dark” behind me…and it’s still kind’a’sort’a sprinkling…

There must be a rainbow, right?

Sure enough, a few minutes later, one gloriously bright, iridescent-looking rainbow coloured a streak against my rear-view mirror.

It was huge.

Fast forward to tonight, just past dinner time…a trip to do the mundane…the banking…the errands…the procure-more-ink-for-the-asshat-printer…with my daughter. Just her and I…escaping the boys.

Conversation went a little like this:

Hannah: Why are you in so much pain all the time?

Me: Oh, because I have this disease, and it makes a lot of pain inside me.

Hannah: It’s like your insides don’t like the disease, right?

Me: Uh, right.

Hannah: Your friend, Rhian, had the same pain, right?

Me {fighting tears}: That’s right, sweetie.

Hannah: But she died. Were you sad when you got the message?

Me: I was really, really sad, yes.

Hannah: She’s buried at camping, right?

Me: No, I made a toast to her at a very special place on the land.

Hannah: Oh. That was nice of you. Will you die, too?

Me: I will. But hopefully not for a long time.

Hannah: I really hope you don’t die before I go to college. That would be so sad.


Rainbows. I feel something in them. They’re like a ribbon that connects us to every piece of time…all of my ancestors saw rainbows. All of my future bloodlines will see rainbows (hopefully “in real life”, and not just from prisms ‘cuz we’ve tainted the atmosphere of the planet…)


What connects me with rainbows is colour.

I love colour.

It makes me happy. It turns a pain-ridden, 10 hour workday into a more bearable endurance.

Colourful images of crayons…paint…fall foliage…COLOUR.

Colour helps re-focus my mood, my comfort…my SPIRIT.

The best thing about colour is that it is an equal-opportunity picker-upper.

Healthy. Disease. Human.

Regardless of condition.

Regardless of socio-economic position.

Colour is like music you can see.

I want to invite my friends, my family, my readers…ANYONE who feels the urge…to post images to my Twitter, Google+, Facebook…of COLOUR! Purple painted ponies…hell…BRAS! I don’t care…I want to see COLOUR!!

I am going to endeavour to come up with a clever project to use colour as a Healing Through Art event. Stay tuned.

What’s the connection between rainbows and a candid conversation with my daughter in the car on the way to pick up some printer ink?

I needed coloured ink.


Sometimes it’s really just as simple as that.


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