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I thought today’s prompt would be, really, rather easy:  “Quote Unquote. Grab a quote (type in any word – see what comes up!) and use that quote to set you writing.”

Course the first one I thought of was, “It’s all fun and games until someone craps in the floor vent.”  Hmmm.  Maybe not what they meant.  Maybe an actual quote from someone who might have done something really cool in life…all smart and all…

I post a lot of those quote thingies.  With pictures of kittens and flowers…the occasional woman kicking some proverbial ass…

So I thought I might try one I’ve never used.  Never heard of, even.

“I have woven a parachute out of everything broken.”  ~William Stafford

Well, holy crap on a cracker, Batman.  Eureka.

So much of my life has been fragmented, chaotic, cracked, stained, morphed…you name it.

Add to this, the relative health ass-kickery received over the past year and…well…what?

Here I am.

Networking, following, posting, blogging, researching, educating, informing…attending appointments, handling new diagnoses…managing a household, five children, school and my job…

Sure, I’ve gotten off track of the life I was living…because that was the life I was to have THEN…it’s not the life I am supposed to have NOW.  Capice??  Yes, it sucks buggery that I constantly watch people going around busily living the life I want…but does that not invalidate the life I’ve now got??

I have had to make the distinction between “want”, “have” and “need.”

This is the life I have.

I manage this life by being carried through my space-time continuum with my own parachute made of broken dreams, goals unattained and the chaos of the unknown…a proverbial fabric of an amalgamation of all the lessons I’ve learned through my life experiences to date…

Know what?

It just takes a small attitude adjustment to understand the possibilities.

Because only now, at this very point in my life, can I see that I have the potential to “fly.”

I AM flying.

And the view is one I can’t even begin to articulate…because I will learn new lessons by experiences you can’t even begin to imagine.

This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days

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