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Perks in a Sea of Ninja Pain

The Pain Ninja came and bitch-slapped me upside the back of the head. Didn’t see the bastard comin’. Well played, Ninja…well played…but you forgot my secret weapon…I still have brownie squares. *jazz hands*

I might be a little grouchy when I’m sitting here correcting the grammar of the jock they’re interviewing on the news…

*shifty eyes*


SO. Good news all ’round.

The school buses were not cancelled today. I am very thankful for this. The weather here in Ottawa has been shady, at best, at worst, it changes 20 degrees in a 24-hour period…it’s changed here more times in the last week than my brain in a craft store with a $10 bill.

I sent off a whopping four lessons in my studies (For those of you just joining this made-for-tv-movie already in progress, I’m taking the Chartered Herbalism Program at Dominion College – online study). Anatomy has now lost its novelty. BUT…the next chapter has the “medulla oblongata” in it, and I’m stoked to sit here with my Sharpie highlighters (no endorsements from them, sad to say) and a coffee coming up with twenty different ways to say “medulla oblongata”…my personal fave is to sound like Sean Connery. Funny as shit. True story.

BeddyShane and I bought a new mattress yesterday with [enter secondary good news, stage left] some unexpected arrears of child support I’d received. I figure momma’s been making some friggin’ sacrifices here, so instead of my glorious degenerative disc disease exacerbated by the healing of two ruptured discs having to wrangle my I’ve-earned-this-ass out of a memory foam bed…well…now we have a great, firm mattress that we scored a really great clearance deal on!

*takes a breath*

And it was delivered…TODAY!

*jazz hands*

Words fail to articulate how stupid excited I am at the thought of getting to go to bed tonight. The possibility of sleeping with the proper support on my lower lumber…it’s….it’s…well…it’s just that.

Added perk? Because I was left to do the remnants of the “tidy up before some stranger comes into our bedroom”…said room got the “quasi-momma” clean. Not the full on momma clean…the one with garbage bags…but that’s because I was just too damn sore to go back down the stairs again to get them. Thus, it got the “dresser clutter dumped into top drawers” treatment. Which means said room now looks 82% better.


Second last “HUZZAH” for the day was the “Universal Remote” that hubby picked up for $20 at the local Factory Direct (where he got my tax software on sale that I’m stupid excited to start into…because I love doing taxes…because I’m bat-shit crazy) and the thing actually WORKS…and works without needing a fookin’ degree in statistical programming (y’know…if such a thing existed). This means LESS. CLUTTER.

This makes me happy. 😀

The last and final “HUZZAH” for the day was getting free Stampin’ Up! goodies because the ONE time I ordered a particular kind of paper for our wedding invitations (which, yes, I made myself)…she kept my name on file, sent Christmas cards and just sent a brochure for the latest sales hoopla. Just hoping to retain that extra bit of business, and because she remembered how much I loved crafting/scrapbooking and how I used to be a rep, myself. Well, that just paid off. And it reminds me of something else that I’m just so happy about:

My ongoing persistence to continually spew out the chaos of my reality has been helping people. A lot of people. People I didn’t think would be able to grab a morsel of interest in any of these chronic afflictions that I so eloquently babble on about, day after day.

The drops of rain make a hole in the stone not by violence but by oft falling.  ~Lucretius


I haz it. 😉


  1. Steve

    You didn’t like memory foam?
    I’ve only tried two inches of it though. It was very comfy just hard to get out of.
    Yay for the rest though. and yeah the weather changing this fast doesn’t help.

    • Brynn

      I LOVE memory foam!!! Memory foam is absolute shit for my lower lumbar. Given the riDONKulous amount of pain I’m regularly in…I get that. Just took a bit for my brain to catch up to that fact. 😉

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