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NHBPM Day 10: “Should people post about their health on Facebook? Why/why not?


Why wouldn’t I post about my health on Facebook (and other social media)?

It’s a fast, easy medium through which I keep in touch with my friends and family.

No, I don’t go into as much detail as I do here in the blog-land of my made-for-tv-movie kind’olife.

I blog about my health on Facebook (and other social media) because I post about EVERYTHING on Facebook (and other social media).

I post about my kids, my day, my annoyances (women who don’t wear blush correctly…drives me bat-shit crazy), my new-found Starbucks flavour of latte (because I don’t often indulge, so it’s pretty damn exciting when I do!)…I post about my scrapbooking and making the Design Team…I post about my cats being a little “beefy” and I sure as shit post about my #gladitude.

I post about my health on Facebook (and other social media) because my health is just one portion of the “all that is me.”  If you can’t handle the “all that is me”…that’s not my problem.  That’s not my problem because you are entitled to pick and choose what you like to read about.

That being said, if you want to pick and choose what you like to read about…do NOT expect me to give you a personalized run-down of all the really cool shit people are saying about me in their threads or on my wall, just because you thought you’d choose not to read about it.  That’s your problem, not mine.

I put my 100% out there in the hopes that some small (or large) part of my life’s lessons can be available to alleviate the alienation that some of my dear friends and family might feel from time to time.

So…if you snooze…you lose.

In a community that cries over “invisibility issues” and of not being “seen”…why would you not take advantage of the plethora of media that would permit you to share with others your knowledge and information and how you incorporate that into your regular daily life?!  If your chronic affliction is not “all that is you”…you might want to consider “showing” people the “all that is you.”

You can’t blame a system when you purposely enable the invisibility.

*I had a grande Starbucks and I’m beginning to think there’s someone in my head being all verbose and shit.  It’s officially creeping me out.*

I post about my health on Facebook (and other social media) because the less-than-stellar days that I share with you make the really productive days seem that much more badass.

It’s really a win-win.

You will know how hard it is for me to sometimes have to concede to crawl up the stairs.

You will also then appreciate the crafting, the home renos and the #gladitude that is everything else.

THAT is why I choose to post about my health on Facebook (and other social media).


This post was written for Wego Health’s National Blog Post Month, 2012.

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  1. Tracy Thillmann

    Here Here girl! I was told by some friends, good ones too as far as I am concerned. That I shouldn’t post about my pain, and issues because it doesn’t look good to have that out there. As a health professional I totally understand that need to seem health, healthy, healthy, but I am sorry health professionals are human, and we have the ability to be sick too. Maybe if I had drunken myself to have a failing liver, or did illegal drugs that fried my brain then yes, I could see them saying I shouldn’t project it to the world. I have conditions that I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy, and I didn’t ask to have them. I was all fine and dandy until one day in late May 2011 that my world exploded health wise. I think I can share them with those who want to see, and maybe commiserate. Those who don’t want to see it can skim past. I can still do my job damn well, and my conditions take a back seat when I am working, so if those on my Facebook friends don’t want me as a health professional or a friend because I am sick through very little of my own fault then it isn’t my issue to have to handle. I love reading about both the good and the bad in my friends lives. I feel like they trust me enough to confide in me, even on the internet. Great Post.

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