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Of horns and bling. True story.

Once again, utter disdain at all things “tooting”.  I do not refer to  my proverbial I’ve-earned-this-ass…no…I refer to blowing my own horn.

Horn.  Pbbbbbbffffffffttttttt.  I was a sax player myself.  Pianist.  Even a flutist for a while.  Then there was the clarinet.  So no…no horn for me.

Unless you’re talking about drinking horns.  And mead.  Horns and mead.  Mead and horns.

Which gets me to today’s prompt: ‎

“Want to  hear a secret? You’re awesome. (It’s actually not even really a secret.) This is going to be hard for you – Health Activists are modest, selfless creatures by nature – but you simply must give yourself props today.  Write three things you love about yourself – things you’re great at – or just want to share about yourself that are important to you.”

Perseverance.  Dude, I’ve said it once, twice, thrice…eleventy-billion times.  I manage a household, finances, five children, a daycare and a partridge in a pear tree.  Two of my children have severe speech/language and comprehension issues.  One of my children has anxiety-induced behavioural challenges.  One of my children struggles with daily life under the canopy of substance abuse.  I’m sick.  I have pericarditis and kidney damage.  My list of chronic illnesses reads like a goddamn rap sheet:

Lupus, Fibromyaglia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sjogren’s Syndrome (secondary), Type 2 diabetes, Raynaud’s Phenomenon, GAD, IBS and ocular migraines.

And I get up every mo-fo day and do it again.  Huzzah.

Courage/Strength.  I’ve coupled these, because I think they’re correlated.  I couldn’t continue to get up every bloody day feeling the way I feel, without them.  I’ve said it once, twice, thrice…eleventy-billion times.  The cognitive impairments caused by the pharmaceutical poisons coursing through my veins coupled with the physical limitations to the extent that sitting up in bed in the morning precedes even getting my I’ve-earned-this-ass out of the damn thing…

…are only a fuel to my fire to continue to advocate on behalf of the millions of people who are afflicted all around the world.  I tell it like it is.  The good, the bad, the “meh” and the “wtf.”  I’m well aware that my attitude will determine the course my path travels; however, I do not let the woes of the world invalidate my own.  If I want to curl up in a corner and binge on chocolate, the world is a FAR safer place.  I’m an educated lass and I’m doing the best that I can with what I have.

Bling-Ho.  Self-professed scrapbooking diva.  Secondary skill in creative accounting.  If you know scrapbooking, you most assuredly know this skill.  *grin*

This Yule my talents are serving me very well in the “holy crap I have no money to buy eleventy-billion gifts!”  Grandparents are getting multi-photo quasi-scrapbook frames.  BOO-YA!

Added to that, I’ve made drawer boxes with cards (5 monogrammed cards) for the teachers’ gifts.  Did I not spend extra money on supplies? Psssshhhhtttttt.  As if.  I hoard supplies.  My studio has paper from when I started scrapbooking…uh…*enter Jeopardy theme*…6 1/2 years ago?  Yes.  That long.  Cuz if I use it…it shall be gone.  (shush.)

I’ve also started my own little “Healing Through Art”…uh…project (?).  I use mixed media to define certain aspects of my life (Part 1:  Part 2:  It’s fun, and it’s my time to re-group and re-fresh from the daily grind of being awesome.

Which brings me to a final note of all-things-awesome for the evening:


Cuz I’m badass like that. ;o

This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days


    • Brynn

      Thanks so much for taking a few moments of your own time to share in a little of mine 😉 I’m really enjoying the blogging experience and don’t care to sugar coat it all!

    • Brynn

      I feel freakin’ FRABJOUS to have done it!! I was so afraid to commit to it, afraid of the “negativity” in myself if I didn’t complete it. Maybe that’s what fueled it’s finality? Dunno. Now on to my regularly scheduled programming of trying to take over the world. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? 😉

  1. Jamie Leigh MacDougall

    You make me cry! I love you pattie as a dear old friend and Iam saddend by the struggles that you go through daily. You also make me happy and proud! You are so strong and courageous Pattie and God CHOSE YOU!! Don’t you see? There is no one in this world like you that could go through what you do daily and still be positive and uplifiting to others. You don’t spit out self help mumbo jumbo like all the rest. you tell it like it is! *cracks whip* lol love that! No sugar coating or pussyfooting around. And people respond much better when someone else truly does feel how they feel. Keep it up girlfriend, I am always rooting for you!!! Love reading your posts. You know sometimes they give me the kick in the ass that I need even though I am not a lupus sufferer some of the things you go through and do and overcome and say give me strength too. <3

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