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Of all things whacked…

Whack-job, out of whack, “that’s whack!”, “Go whack him”, “my shit is whack”…pick your favourite.

My ever-eloquent husband-to-be, upon hearing my claim that I was, indeed, feeling “out of whack”…asked me what it would mean to feel “IN” whack.


[cricket chirps]

Well, I suppose if “out” of whack meant to be out of order, aka against the function of normal, then….by logical reasoning….”in” whack must mean the function of normal. ?? Perhaps? Could you also be OUT of whack? Is there a top-of of whack that you can get? Can I buy a stack of whack?

Regardless, I have decidedly deduced that I want to be “in whack”.

So, how can I get there? That’s why I research. That’s why I Google. That’s why I’m slowly losing my freakin’ mind.

Case in point….this morning I awoke to swollen eyelids that were, for once, NOT caused by a pre-bedtime routine of crying after functioning through the day with pain that feels like your body has been bitten by the hounds of hell….

Allergies. Frak-tastic.

So I pondered, yet again, the correlation between allergies and out-of-whack-autoimmune patients.

An allergic reaction is defined as :
… the body’s way of responding to an “invader.” When the body senses a foreign substance, called an antigen, the immune system is triggered. The immune system normally protects the body from harmful agents such as bacteria and toxins.” – as taken from….pretty much a standard definition.

What causes lupus is defined as:
“ lupus, the immune system (the body’s defense against viruses and bacteria) is unable to tell the difference between intruders and the body’s own tissues. Trying to do its job, it attacks parts of the body, causing inflammation and creating the symptoms of lupus.” – taken from the Lupus Canada website…pretty much a standard statement.

I have multiple environmental allergies. Buggernackels.

So, my body is not only attacking my good bits…it is also, by the extension of having allergies, attacking my bad bits. Gosh, I’m a busy woman!! (o.O)

***I just found an interesting tidbit while researching…

There is also a small but growing body of evidence linking SLE to lipstick usage
….as referenced in:

….fascinating shit. Wonder if my Sexy Mother-Pucker lipgloss is among the villans.***

Anyhooooooooo…..OBVIOUSLY there is a correlation between having allergies and an autoimmune disease…but what I’m having trouble finding out is to what extent! I do know that some people have developed lupus after taking specific medications (known as drug-induced lupus)….wanna know something? One of the medications listed is sulfa.

Guess what is the ONE pharmaceutical drug that I am allergic to…

People with lupus should be especially careful if they are prescribed sulfa antibiotics. These medications (Bactrim, Gantrisin, Septra) are often prescribed for urinary tract infections and may cause an increase in sun sensitivity and occasionally lower blood counts resulting in disease flares. There are also sulfa diuretics (water pills) such as Dyazide and diabetic drugs containing sulfa such as Aldactone.” – as taken from the Lupus Foundation of America. Pretty standard statement.

My Medic Alert bracelet indicates “Allergic to Sulfa and Bactrim”. I can show you.

***I just found another interesting tidbit of information while researching…apparently there are oodles of “natural cures” for lupus!! Natural. Cures. For. Lupus. I must TOTALLY jump on board and spend oodles of money on a CURE for lupus because oh-em-gee there finally IS one!! I’m oh-so-angry at the honest to goodness foundations-that-have-been-researching-for-decades-to find-a-cure-for-this-disease for not telling me and my family about this amazing development!! [What a bunch of whack-jobs]***

Anyhoooooooooo….so I take my daily dose of antihistamine and hope that my head doesn’t damn well pop right off during a sneezing fit. Eye swelling? Normal.

“In whack”, sorry.

Yes, I’m certain someone has the cure for allergies, too…and I’m more than sure that there are eleventy-billion “natural” remedies that can attempt to some small extent to alleviate the symptoms of allergies…but for that one I refer you to my previous post of:

Because fact #1 was not cross-referenced with fact #2, nor does it take into consideration fact #3, the consequence of combining said facts could thus lead to an allergic reaction, organ failure, or perhaps even death.”

And before you go off like a naturalistic whack-a-mole hammer, please remember this: IF…..IF….there was something logical to do for a patient with an autoimmune disease like lupus….you can bet your bottom dollar that it would have already been tried and/or tested in the whacked out laboratories and then patented and trademarked and all that good stuff…..

Please, if nothing else….remember that there is NO cure for this (like many) disease because of the gargantuan degrees of “what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another”….

That, my friends, is most certainly the polar opposite of “that shit is whack!” that you’re ever gonna find….


  1. Johanne

    There are cures out there, but the gov't will never release that info cause it makes too much money from pharmaceutical companies. People have been cured from cancer (and other diseases) with the consumption of Hemp oil. People have been cured from Lupus (and many many other auto-immune diseases, and allergies, etc) from NAET treatments. and are excellent references. Believe in a cure Brynn 🙂

  2. Brynn

    I cannot use the term "cure" when speaking of naturals, only because there cannot be any testing of extent or conclusion of the end of the disease. I'm very certain there are eleventy-billion natural things one can do for themselves, emphatically yes!!!…but how can you say without a doubt, or at the very least, objectively, that you've cured the disease? You MUST then compare your findings with whether or not you've simply put the patient into a state of remission, which can mimic the end of a disease. THAT, in itself, is false hope, and can be even more detrimental to the health of an individual.

    Don't kid yourself that natural remedies don't strip the wealth from the common citizen. Some of these natural products cost MORE than medications…most, actually (you need to take anywhere from 3-12 capsules? really?)…as they aren't governed by a regulatory body and thus cannot be included in employment medical coverages.

    I absolutely believe in a cure…what I don't believe in is the natural industry telling me things they cannot possibly guarantee. My life isn't a gamble…the game it's afforded me to date is already risky…

  3. Shane

    There are great differences between a "cure" and "masking the symptoms".

    I can actually use myself as an example here. I was told years ago by my doctor that I suffered from GERD (Gastro-Esophogeal Reflux Disease). Ideally, I have what is like permanent heartburn. The valve the keeps the acids in the stomach is broken and can easily allow them into my esophagus and cause heartburn. Simple. I was prescribed a drug that helps deal with the situation. I don't get heartburn near as much. I take the occasional TUMS with this, but am I cured? No. I still have the problem. If I forget my pills for a few days, I have serious, knock you on your ass heartburn.

    Is there something natural I could take to alleviate the symptoms? Perhaps, but I have a prescribed drug that is covered by my medical insurance. Another example is the severe allergic reaction I had a few weeks back. Sure, I can take Benadryl at $25 a box for a weeks supply and get rid of the hives. Or, I could fill that prescription for an anti-histamine that cost me $3.50 for a 2 week supply. Hmm. Think I'll save the money and use a PROVEN method.

    Again, sure, there are natural items I can take to fix a few of the issues with the rampant allergy attacks, but if I were to take the 3-4 pills because I'm having a reaction and wait the 4 hours for it to go through my system or stab myself with an Epi-pen…guess which one I choose?

  4. Johanne

    I think you misread my comment or perhaps you didn't check into what really NAET is all about? It has nothing to do with taking natural products, or in fact, anything, at all. And as for Hemp Oil, there are factual/reliable/evidence that is has cured (or whatever word you would prefer to use here) but it has gotten rid of cancer and many other ailments that have not come back and tests shown that the patient never showed any signs of the disease. It healed them. Signed, whacko? lol

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