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Ode to Joy…

…and not like the song I used to play on my recorder in Grade 4. Nu-uh.

Nope…here I am, still revelling in the throes of “holy crap I freakin’ DID it!”…and felt like burning off a little “whoot!” by getting off my ass and cleaning the main level of the house today.


I’ll be paying for  that later, but who cares? WHY? Because (1) it’s done – Thursday is “cleaning day” (not on Friday, that’s re-fill the pills day) – and (2) because as I was in the throes of said cleaning…’twas a kafuffle at my door.

Postman dropping off my box (ya, I said it…BOX) of Smash book goodies:

Can I get a HOO-AH from my fellow crafties?!?!?

Ya, it’s the “new” thing. Ya, I could’ve made one my damned self. However, THIS was due to my turn of 5,000 views on the blog I’d created just a few short months ago for my family and friends.  Who’da thunk? No, seriously. I would have had NO idea. Is it a lot? *shrug* Not compared to others, perhaps…that are pulling in tens of thousands per day.

Know what? So will mine. Why? Because I said so. I am THAT passionate about where I want to take it, and how I want to help people.

So this was my “treat-to-me”.

And I didn’t open it until all my cleaning was done. :o)

What do you do with it? Well, in a nutshell…anything you want to!

Check it out! What will *I* do with MINE?

One is for my “To DO”.  Not a list of chores, tasks or such nonsense…no…I want to take snippets of my every day to show myself (again, myself) that no matter the pain, no matter the tears, no matter the adversity and challenges…

…I’m still gonna go out and kick some ass. xoxo

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