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OCD met free writing and begat…


Zap.  Hum.  Buzz.


Today’s prompt:

“…go over to your bookshelf (or wherever you have a book handy) and open it up. Point randomly to a part of a page and read it. Now head over to your blog (or wherever you drafts posts) and free-write for 15 minutes based off of the word, phrase, sentence, or paragraph that you find in a book.”

Electric fields.  Magnetic fields.  Other than gravity, pretty much everything in life has to do with electromagnetism.

I gather so do most of my social interactions.  I was just thinking of the correlation between it all…and it makes me laugh.  I concede that some of the “friendships” I’ve acquired over the years has been…well…less than “attractive”…and I liken the interactions as those of being some kinds of energy vampires…sucking the life out of each and every one of my already overtaxed neutrons and electrons and protons and what-ons?!?!…

I look at the nature of my relationships, especially given my increasingly uber-ability to click that “decline” button on social media for events and interactions, by the nature of those that I’m directly involved with.  Are you…happy*?  Are you…miserable*?

*note, any and all emotive states are either one or the other to someone who’s chronically “afflicted”…

The gems of my friends are those whose dialogue flows and ebbs with my own…whose emotions and thoughts and opinions are dynamic and fluid…with my own…

And vice versa.

Therefore.  I have become keenly aware of those I choose to interact with.  My “like” and “+1” and “RT” and whatever the hell else there is but I can’t for the life of me string a coherent thought together because I’m all curled up in a quasi-Snuggie wanna-be (shut up.) on the recliner watching football


all comfy-like trying to write a blog post that has no actual structure which does absolutely NOTHING for the state of my OCD…is for those who I feel contribute positively in some way to my daily function.

A laugh.  A giggle.  An understanding of some kind.  An inspirational photo.  A quote.  A progress report of some kind.

I don’t look for pity pots because I don’t want to be sucked into the vortex of unspeakable Eeyore’s myself…

I am attracted to, and reciprocally attract, those who can state a fact with the understanding that if by some chance there might be a weensy lil’ ol’ “woe” factor to it…that there is the understanding that not only do I get up to a brand new day when the calendar changes, but that…in fact…I do it pretty goddamn well.

And HUZZAH!! to me for using a word like “reciprocally” in a friggin’ blog post on a Sunday afternoon.

This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days

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