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Not your average list’o’three…

NHBPM Day 5: “Write a #ListOf3 Things that you’re thankful for / excited about / or inspired by.

1.  I am TOTALLY thankful to have found a makeup that covers the lupus malar rash on my face.  Instead of looking like the sun itself came down and laid a total bitch-slap across my cheeks, I look like the pleasant Martha Stewart you’ve all come to know and love.

*shifty eyes*

Anyways…I found a mineral foundation powder by BareEscentuals, called “BareMinerals.”  I would have thought that a powder was the worst thing for my uber-sensitive facial skin, but I assure you, it CAN be frabjous.

2.  Shea-infused socks.  I don’t know why, but these actually trump my collection of fuzzy socks (you collect shoes, I collect fuzzy socks…let it go).  I am so thankful that my husband had bought a couple pairs for me from the local body-work-type store…and I have to say, I freakin’ LOVE them.  One, they’re not too tight.  Two, they feel like my feet are wrapped in love.

*bats eyelashes all purdy*

Whatever.  I love them.  They feel all awesome.

3.  Heating blankets.  Dude.  I live in Canada.  Winter + fibro + lupus joint pain + bone-crushing exhaustion = holy-crap-on-a-cracker-Iwanttodie.  Turning on the heating blanket on our bed (received as a wedding gift…bonus!!) a half hour before bedtime is akin to winning the lottery.

Okay, maybe not quite…but it staves the chill of cold sheets that make my muscle spasm with such ferocity that it feels like someone stabbed me with a screwdriver.  The really, really cheap kind.

So, I crank that sucker up to the maximum…slip into bed…and breathe a sweet sigh of relief.

(Okay, so it’s more like haul my tired and achy carcass over the precipice of the edge of the bed and hope I actually land on it…)

Those are just some of the kinds of things that I’m thankful for.

Not your average purple painted ponies pooping butterflies jacked up on Sugar Smacks kind’o’post, was it. 😉


This post was made for Wego Health’s National Health Blog Post Month, 2012.


    • Brynn

      Heya, Jenni!! Welcome to my neck’o’the’crazies! 😉 I love how we all get connected this month! (mineral makeup is, indeed, the schizzle) LOL!

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